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Effebot service offers the best solutions for your business campaigns. Try voice SMS service and increase your profit.

Use Effebot for any task

The voice SMS is a valuable promotional tool but it can also help with other tasks.

Conduct surveys

A robot asks questions, recognize answers, and transfer recorded data to your system.

Find new customers

A robot presents your offer and transmits interested clients to your managers.

Send notifications

A robot will inform your buyers about orders status, news, sales, and other events.

Remind of an event

A robot sends quick reminders in few minutes before an event.

Process applications

A robot accepts any incoming call and reduces the waiting.

Provide security

A robot sends a verification code and keeps the data secure.

Do you have another task for us? Describe your problem and our team will show you how to solve it.

Audio samples


Inform your clients about a special offer and gain higher interest.


Phone up your client with timely reminders and increase his loyalty.


Reach every client interested in your brand and services.

Industry solutions


Remind about appointment

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


phone numbers base

10 850

clients get a reminder
for a month


cost of one call

What is Effebot?

It is a voice SMS service with which you can deliver an interactive voice SMS to your customer.

The main difference between simple calling and other programs - a voice SMS will be sent by a robot but without making any code.

The voice SMS is the perfect tool for your marketing strategy: transmit bulk voice SMS at once, make different notifications.

Fulfill your task with low pricing: an automated voice SMS cost at least three times cheaper than text SMS. Our software allows you to receive incoming applications as well.

Learn the details during a free consultation.

Effebot features

Worldwide coverage

Effebot is represented in Nigeria, India, South Africa, Australia, Czech, Russia, USA, Philippines, Brazil and can reach contacts around the world.

Easy to set up

Effebot has a user-friendly interface - you do not have to make a long code. Start an interactive conversation with few clicks.

A firm schedule

You can plan your mailings for three days ahead. Choose the perfect moment for better results.

High speed

A robot can ring up to 300 000 contacts per hour. Choose the desired speed and complete any task in a short period.

SMS after a call

There is no need to seek other programs to confirm your offer by SMS. Add function “Send SMS” in a voice menu panel.

No hidden toll

We do not offer you complex calculations or extra charges. Plan your budget easily and make payments only for seconds of conversation.

Voice generation and recognition

You can easily voice any text over by a robot. Smart IVR technologies make a robot catch every response from your clients.

Smart repeat

Effebot will make you forget what is the missed call or SMS. With option “Smart mailing” a robot will ring up twice if a client did not answer.

Launch a voice SMS service in 3 minutes


Customize your voice SMS

Upload audio clip or made from a text, add voice menu, text SMS, and other options you need.


Choose contacts

Make a list with phone numbers you want a robot to ring up – manually or from a database.


Start to ring up

Check your settings, press the “Start” button, and watch for the results in the online statistics.

Effebot services


What is a voice SMS service pricing?

The pricing includes the length of the conversation, voice response, text SMS after a dialogue, and conversation recording. If you have a simple informing note, you will pay only for seconds of dialogue. One voice SMS costs about 0,60 cents on average. We do not have a subscription or any tariffs with limited validity. If the client did not pick up a phone, no payment is needed.

Can your robot convert text to speech?

Effebot can voice your text with a female or male voice. Just write your message and choose the perfect voice for your broadcasting on the “Creating mailing” page. If you press the button “Listen in advance” you can hear the result before the launch.

What amount of my clients will realize they are speaking with a robot?

If you follow our simple instructions, it should be less than 5%. Briefly, you will need an audio record from a human announcer, lively speech with coughs and filler words, and correct script and keywords – you can ask your manager to assist you with that.

What time is needed to launch a voice SMS service?

Simple informing notes with news and promotions like: “50% for teapots, today only! Waiting for you in HomeMagic!” can be started in 3 minutes. Complex scripts like surveys, collecting feedback, or other specific tasks will take extra minutes. Our managers are ready to assist you to start your broadcasting faster.
Before your mailing begins we need to check if the information in your offer is legal. Usually, it takes from 5 to 30 minutes depending on what amount of audio clips you have in your script.
You also have an option to make a schedule of your mailing and it will start at what moment you chose.

What number of voice SMS can Effebot send in an hour?

The maximum possible speed is around 300 000 voice SMS per hour – it can become available by your specific request. The standard speed which you can choose in your account is from 80 to 5 800 voice SMS per hour.

What is the difference between Effebot and text SMS/E-mail?

Voice SMS have better conversion than a text (SMS or E-mail), it is much harder to miss. For example, text SMS has 0,5% conversion, e-mail has 0,1% conversion, and bulk voice SMS have 2% conversion on average. Furthermore, unlike text SMS which is possible to forward only to mobile phones, Effebot can ring up to landlines and IP lines as well.
Effebot provides voice SMS that can draw your clients' attention and offer cheaper pricing than a call center. Test our robot efficiency today with your trial balance!

Can your robot deliver text SMS to a client?

The robot can forward a text SMS automatically due to the IVR menu: for example, if a client press “1” because he is interested in your offer, Effebot will transmit him a text SMS with a link, a promo code, or other information right after a voice SMS is over.

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