How to Call 7 000 Clients in Just 20 Minutes —
Robocalls Case for Fitness Club


GUM CLUB (company’s name was changed because of NDA) is a popular chain of fitness clubs.

Like many public places, fitness rooms were closed during the Pandemic.

After the lockdown was over the administration wanted to inform clients about the club’s re-opening.


The club’s administration has two days and 160$ for notifications. SMS mailing would cost approximately twice more than the actual budget.
The staff would call everyone at least for a week — and that would cost the club around 2000$ to pay salaries. The administration had to find a cheaper tool.


Cost of the SMS mailing

1 183$

Cost of manual calls

The company’s indicators before they appealed to Effebot.


Inform 7 692 clients about fitness rooms re-opening fast and with a cost less than 160$


Effebot experts created an algorithm for fast notifications with maximum coverage of the target audience:

1 The robot calls a client and plays a recorded audio.

2 Enable a feature “Smart mailing”: if the client didn’t pick up a phone, the robot automatically calls again a bit later.

It remained only to upload phone numbers and launch the voice mailing.

The audio sample for fitness club: Dear customers! This is (GUM CLUB). We want to inform you that our club will be open on the 13th of July. Working schedule is from 10 am to 10 pm. You can visit fitness rooms for single training or training with a personal coach. Group training and a SPA zone are still closed for now. Your membership card will be activated if you return to the club’s classes, otherwise it will be frozen before full re-opening of the club. Hope to see you soon!

What was automatized?

Calling a huge amount of clients in a short time

Informing clients about the club’s actual working schedule

A call repetition to those clients who missed the first call


7 692

calls were made

1 719

clients answered for a second call


was spent

23 min

the voice mailing lasted


of clients returned to fitness activities in the first week

Effebot called all clients in 20 minutes — much faster than any administrator can do.

Thanks to feature “Smart mailing” GUM CLUB was able to inform more clients in comparison if there was only one call.

The administration managed to meet the budget and spent only 153$ instead of several thousand.

In a week after bulk calls about half of active clients returned to fitness rooms and re-activated their membership cards.

Effebot helped the fitness club save its advert funds and inform the audience for one hour instead of one week.

Our client’s feedback

“This service is great, it helped us to return most of our clients after the lockdown. If we called everyone manually, we lost around a week, but the robot fulfilled the task in just 1 hour. We plan to continue our cooperation with Effebot to make bulk calls with the company’s news, promotion, etc.”

First 10 calls at our expense!

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