SIP Trunking

Providing your business with a reliable connection is easy now. IP telephony technology was developed for this. This way of organizing communication is not only cheaper than others, it also transforms the usual calls into an incredibly effective tool. Effebot invites you to the digital age today.

With Effebot you can

Low mailing price

Get the world coverage

You can receive and make calls anywhere in the world

Reduce time for answer of a call-center operator

Make calls cheaper

You can use the service without expensive equipment installation

Make your investments profitable

Start work faster

Begin your broadcasting using VoIP technology in 3 minutes

Increase conversion

Control your influence

Scale your phone lines according your needs by few clicks

What is SIP Trunking?

It is a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This channel based on Session Initiation Protocol or SIP that maintains and control communication sessions.
VoIP technology is used for broadcasting voice data over networks: the voice is first converted into compressed audio data packets and then again decoded into speech.
You can be on the line with your customers 24 hours per day and be in touch with a several customers at the same moment - these are some benefits of Effebot SIP trunking.

Effebot will deliver a message to your customers

Where to begin

Firstly, make an account at You will get the access to all settings and also a trial balance. Use it to start your first broadcastings and chek all opportunities that our service can give. Have any questions? Our managers will be happy to help.

Voice is better than text

Let your clients hear you. Voice your offer by yourself, ask a Voice Actor or our managers. You can also use Effebot to make an audio clip - just type the text and choose a voice (male or female).

Free up your time

Make a schedule for your broadcasting and it will start at the time you set up. You can plan calls for 3 days ahead.
Option “Smart mailing” give an opportunity to call your clients back automatically. Do not waste a minute and save all your customers.

Choose a suitable speed

You set up it in “Advanced settings” dusring customization of your Voice broadcasting. Available speed in your personal account - from 50 to 54 000 calls per hour.
Need more? Ask your personal manager to expand possibilities of Effebot.

Dual effect

Make your clients know you have serious intentions - send them SMS with offer confirmation after a call. With Effebot it is easy - just add this option to your broadcasting’s Voice menu and the robot will send the message automatically.

Control your balance

With Effebot you can count the price of a call easily: it mostly depends on how long your client be on the line. If a customer did not pick up the phone - you will not pay for this call.

Get the full information

You do not need to make a request - detailed statistics is already available in your personal account.
Learn how your customers feel about your calls, how many of them answer their phones, what they asked and more. You can also export the results in the preferable application.
Make the best solution for your business task with Effebot.


What is bulk calls cost?

In our service, you will not need to pay for each call. Cost depends on how much information your customer heard. The cost per second of a call depends on your country. To calculate the exact price for your country and get a full price list for all countries, please write to us at A call that lasts 0 seconds costs 0 cents.
After registration, you will get a trial balance which you can use to start your first broadcasting and calculate the cost of one call for your particular task.

Can your robot convert text to speech (audio)?

The robot can do it easily. When you customize your broadcasting, print the text you need to voice over and choose the type of voice – female or male. Press “Listen in advance” to hear what audio clip you got. You always can change details or type of voice if needed before you start your broadcasting.

How many of my clients will realize that they are speaking with a robot?

Use our advice to make your clients believe they speak with a living operator. You will need to use an audio clip recorded by a human and a more complex script with literate questions – then only 5% of your customers will recognize the robot.
Ask our managers and they can offer you a similar case or solution special for your task.

How much time does it take to initialize bulk calls?

You will need less than 3 minutes to start promotion broadcasting such as information about a sale and so on. If you need to conduct a survey or something similar you will need more time to make a complex script.
Before Effebot started to call, we need to be sure your messages do not break the law. Our moderators will check it in 5-30 minutes – it depends on how huge your broadcasting is or how many of them were started at the same time.
If you need to start your broadcasting at a particular time, you can plan it in advance using the schedule option in “Advanced settings”.

How many numbers Effebot can call in an hour?

Effebot can call with a speed from 80 to 5 800 numbers in an hour, it is available in “Advanced settings” in your account.
If you need to make more calls you need to ask your personal manager. For special tasks, our robot can make even 300 000 calls per hour.

What the difference between Effebot service and SMS/E-mail messages?

Clients usually ignore SMS or E-mail messages – they get a lot of them every day. Calls become much more special these days. With Effebot calling can also be extremely profitable: you will pay only if your customer picked up the phone.
Try it by yourself – you can make first calls for free with a trial balance.

Can your robot send an SMS message to a client?

You can confirm the offer the robot made by conversation by sending your client a text message. You need to add this option in the Voice menu: Effebot will send an SMS if your client pressed a setup button or said a particular word.

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