Healthcare Case:
How to Inform 95% of Clients 4 Times Cheaper than by Administrators


The medical center offers a lot of services. That is why administrators have to process about 300 new applications from clients every day: they should record patient information and time of appointment.

Also, they need to call 500 contacts on average to remind them about meeting with a doctor.

Administrators are unable to deal with all incoming messages because they also have other working responsibilities.


The agency does not have enough managers to call a base with huge phone numbers. They decided to transfer this task to an outsource call center to increase the speed of calls. Unfortunately, one lead price turned out too heavy even if the call center would make a better offer and conversion would be high.


Calls have to be made every day


The daily charge for a call-center service


Cost for a month of a call center work


Price for one call

Moreover, a lot of time would be wasted for data transfer and attempts to reach clients which do not answer – the medical center will lose potential clients and a reputation.

The center needs to automatize appointment confirmation, that is why the director decided to use robocalls.


To automatize appointment confirmation


1 Responsible administrator load updated phone numbers database in the personal account.The robot need to call around 500 contacts everyday.

2 Record audio clips which remind about an appointment – individual for each doctor.Audio clips were voiced by a woman administrator. A female voice is perceived as a soft and caring one, that is why it is more suitable for the medical sphere. Due to this, all contacts who answer the call listened to a full message.

Voice recognition technology with thoughtful keywords allowed patients to confirm their appointments easily.

Only 5% of contacts asked for additional information or appointment time transfer – the robot connected them with the medical center administrator automatically.

What was automatized?

Dialing and calling a huge amount of phone numbers

Confirmation and reminding of the time of appointment

Transfer requests for changing time of appointment to the center’s administrators


The robot automatically started to call contacts from loaded databases after the broadcasting began. A necessary amount of calls was made during a working day – administrators needed time for processing of incoming requests to change an appointment time or give a consultation.

After the clients answered the phone, Effebot played a recorded audio clip with reminding about meeting with a doctor.

The robot asked “Will you come?” and the client could answer using his voice:

A client said “Yes”, “I will come”, “OK

A client said “No”, “I won’t come

A client said keywords “forgot”, “when”, “change time

The robot confirmed the appointment automatically

The robot transferred the number to the list of patients who refused the appointment.d finished the call

The robot connected him with the medical center administrator for consultation

Example of an audio clip



Phone numbers base

10 850

Successful calls for a month


The month charge for Effebot service


Price for one call

The robot helped to automatize reminding about an appointment.

Clients took robocalls quite positively: 95% of contacts who answer the call listened to a full message.

90% of patients confirmed their appointments by themselves and then come to a doctor in time – a simple script had been enough to effectively remind them about a meeting. Only 5% of calls were transferred to administrators.

Effebot reduced administrators’ workload at 20 times: now they have to call only 5-7 patients in a day - those who the robot did not reach. Thanks to clear statistics which are available in real-time they can easily check who did not pick up the phone.

The robot saves more than 2000 $ for a month

One robocall costs 4 times cheaper!

Our client’s feedback

“Administrators have to waste their work time to remind our clients about appointments. We had a choice: to hire more employees or find another, cheaper, way to inform patients. When we were looking for options we found out about Effebot service. We decided to test it and we were not disappointed. Service gives us an opportunity to check who did not answer a call – with them we are working personally. But it is much easier to call 5 clients instead of 500! I think we will try to connect Effebot with our CRM system soon to automatize all the process.“

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