How to Recover Old Customers and Gain 4000$ —
Bulk Calls Case for a Health Food Delivery Service


MF Kitchen (company’s name was changed because of NDA) — a healthy food delivery service. The company makes their food according to the nutrition program a client has chosen. A delivery guy brings a set of 6, 8 or 10 dishes every second day.

This is a popular thing among modern consumers, so the delivery service has a lot of actual clients and even more are old ones — those who make an order once and then never call again for some reason.

The company needed to recover these clients by informing them about new promotions and persuading them to make a second order.


MF Kitchen informed their clients by SMS. It was affordable and fast, yet the company cannot track if clients got a message or if they made an order after they got an SMS.

The company couldn’t calculate the tool effectiveness and a conversion in sales so they decided to find another service for tests.


is the cost for the SMS mailing to the base of 5315 clients


is the cost of one SMS

The conversion in sales is unknown

The company’s indicators before they appealed to Effebot.


Inform clients about a promotion cheaply and with opportunity to learn the effectiveness of notifications


Effebot experts offered MF Kitchen to make a voice call with an IVR menu. It would have saved the employer from the necessity to send SMS manually, because the robot would have made it automatically after the client request.

Experts made a simple algorithm for the interactive menu. The employer uploaded the phone number base, an audio clip with an offer and launched the mailing.

The audio sample for a delivery service: Hello! I’m Jane from MF Kitchen. As our client you can participate in the campaign to win one week of free healthy dish delivery. Press 1 to get all the details in SMS.

What was automatized?

Calling a huge amount of clients in a short time

Informing clients about a new promotion

Sending SMS with the promotion’s details


Effebot called phone numbers from the loaded base and briefly informed contacts about a new promotion.

After that, the client was suggested to get the promotion details by an SMS:

If a client pressed 1

the robot sent him an SMS with detailed information and a link to the site with a tracking tag.


If a client pressed 2

or other keys the robot finished the call.

The service has two options for answer recognition. In this case the employer decided to do some test — to check what works better: keys or voice?

They used 1500 contacts for tests: one half got a call with an answering through pressing a key and the other half got a call with an answering through voice.

Conversion in answer appeared to be better with a key pressing: 21,5% against 7% of the answering through voice. So in calls to remain clients the robot used a key pressing script.



calls were made


clients pressed 1 and got the SMS


clients made an order


revenue was brought


was spent

Effebot was able to reactivate MF Kitchen old clients’ base.

The robot called more than 5000 clients in just two days — it is faster than any human is able to do.

The mailing brought 40 orders to the company. MF Kitchen could track the results by tagged links in SMS: if a client followed the link and made an order the company accepted it as the sales through Effebot.

Effebot not only brought many orders to the company,

but also allowed to save 77$ for future promotional campaigns.

Our client’s feedback

“This is a really valued tool. We hoped for at least 3-4% of conversion in sales, because we used our old base which is not working so well. However, the results exceeded all our expectations. We got many orders right after the calls and expect more in 2-3 days ahead. I think we will recommend this service to our colleagues in other cities. We are pleased how the robot worked with a warm base, we plan to test it for cold bases as well, plus to try API-integration too“.

First 10 calls at our expense!

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