How to Make Cold Calls Automatically and Find 700 Prospective Clients


The high quality of service and a product does not guarantee a company will distinguish itself from competitors. If you want to attract more clients, you need to use distinct lead generation tools.

The digital marketing agency decided to use calls to increase ways to draw new customers’ attention and reduce advertisement cost while entering a new market.


The agency does not have enough managers to call a base with huge phone numbers. They decided to transfer this task to an outsource call center to increase the speed of calls. Unfortunately, one lead price turned out too heavy even if the call center would make a better offer and conversion would be high.

5 800

Numbers in the client base


Price for a call center’s service


Expected percent of interested clients


One lead cost

Besides leads transferring would take extra time - the agency could lose prospective clients. Work with a “cold” client base is hard and expensive – the client would have to pay for each call or SMS, but most of them could be useless because it will not lead to action.

That is why our client decided to test robocalls: a robot can work 24/7 and follow the conversion script. Effebot can also transfer leads to managers automatically.


To call “cold” client base and find clients interested in digital marketing agency’s services.


1 The contacts’ database was loaded in the client's personal account. There were 5 800 phone numbers in total.

2 A short audio clip was recorded. It fully developed the value of the agency’s offer. The text included an introduction and one clear question. There is no need to ask for details such as prospective customer’s market niche and so on. It will be asked by the agency’s managers later. The robot should convince a client to listen to the whole message. Thanks to this decision 70% of contacts learned about the agency’s services and more than 60% heard the end of the message.

3 Calls were made gradually, in stages to let managers time for processing transferred requests. It became possible due to the “Schedule a mailing” option – the robot made around 500 calls in a day automatically during several days. The smart IVR system allowed to get an immediate response from all prospective clients and to transfer them to managers automatically.

What was automatized?

Dialing and calling a huge amount of phone numbers

Segmentation of “cold” client base

Transferring leads to the agency’s managers

Informing prospective clients about marketing agency’s services


The robot called the client base automatically with a selected speed. When the contact answered the robot was starting to play the recorded audio clip with a length of fewer than 15 seconds.

If prospective client did not hang up after agency’s presentation, in the end of the message the robot asked:

“Can we discuss all details?”

A client said “Yes”, “Let’s discuss”, “OK” etc.

A client said “No”, “I don’t want”, “Not interested” etc.

A client said “Do not have time”, “Later” etc.

The robot transferred the client to the manager for further consultation.

The robot removed the phone number from the base and finished the call.

The robot said goodbye, and the record of the call can be listened to by managers in the statistics menu. Agency managers were able to call these clients later by themselves.

Example of an audio clip


5 800

Numbers in the client base


Interested clients


Price for Effebot service


One lead cost

The statistics of voice broadcasting show that 50% of respondents are not interested in the agency’s offer or this offer is not relevant already. If managers would call every number by themselves, they would have 2 900 useless conversations which waste their time they could spend on real leads.

30% of contacts did not pick up their phones – living operators would lose a lot of hours trying to reach them.

Robocalls saved 1 month of work for the company. This time the agency spent effective processing of income leads – thanks to automated transferring a call to a manager none of interested customers was lost.

Effebot cost 603$ less than a call center

The robot reduced the cost of one lead by ten times!

Our client’s feedback

“At first, we planned to get 8-10% of prospective clients from this base, but we got even more. We reduce expenses for lead searching. Now we use Effebot service and get new clients faster and cheaper. I think it is the best option for a business which tries to see a way to a new market.“

First 10 calls at our expense!

Make an account on and get a trial balance to start your first voice broadcasting for free.

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