Automated Outbound Dialer

A feature which allows you to upgrade the quality of your call center work through routine automation.

Effebot Outbound Dialer improves business processes

Boosts delivery rate

All contacts in one place, so your agent won’t forget to call.

Speeds up processes

When you have less manual work, you can manage to do more.

Increases profit

You won’t need to hire more agents 
to solve more business tasks.

Doesn’t complicate life

A simple interface will allow you
to customize your calls easily.

What is Automated Outbound Dialer?

Automated outbound dialer is a program which allows to dial numbers automatically. A user loads a base and an algorithm launches a call.

Usually, a person wastes about 25% of a outbound call, dialing a phone number. That’s why such auto dialer is a quite time-saving tool, especially when you need to contact hundred customers in a day.

Nowadays dialer software is a contact center platform. You can make outbound calls, collect data, segment client bases — all in one place.

Effebot presents its smart dialer solution which allows users to create 
an efficient cloud contact center for business tasks with few clicks.

Outbound Dialer is suitable for any business

Automated outbound calling could be implemented in various industries — check our client’s examples


Remind about appointment

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


are spent per month

10 850

clients get a reminder
for a month


cost of one call

Loan organization

Increase amount of applications

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


applications were


cost of one confirmed

Political organisation

Learn what do your voters think

Our clients' results

16 619

phone numbers base


were spent

11 663

respondents took the


respondents said “yes”
and came to vote

Training center

Sell training courses

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


clients got a bulk
voice message


our client’s profit

Digital marketing agency

Find clients on the new market

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


clients were interested
in the offer


cost of one lead


Invite to a sermon

Our clients' results

10 560

phone numbers base


were spent


contacts picked up
their phones


contacts got SMS
with a link

Effebot is suitable for outbound call center

Listen what outbound calls you can do with modern auto dialer software


Present of new products and services


Send a polite remind to save a meeting


Conduct polls, NPS-surveys and interviews

Effebot Outbound Dialer is better than other channels


Effebot is:

  • Low-cost — calls via Internet don’t have providers’ extra charge
  • Productive — a program can make calls 24 hours without rest
  • Honest — all information about mailings is available in real time


Effebot is:

  • Interactive — the robot can maintain a dialogue thanks to IVR
  • Detailed — you can make a long script for one voice mailing


Effebot is:

  • Effective — your messages won’t get missed or forgotten
  • Timeliness — calls can be scheduled at a propitious time
  • Concise — voice clips are more memorable than letter, yet short

Let customer give you an interactive response

User-friendly interface

All you need to launch a voice mailing is to choose phone numbers and an audio clip. For IVR scripts you can use a simple block editor — it doesn’t require programming skills.

Innovative speech technology

Usually, an outbound calling means that you should talk with a client. Our robot can maintain a conversation too: it is able to recognize words and use clips according to the situation.

Call planner

No need to watch over your calls to them to be sent timely. Make a plan for 3 days and come only to check the results. Your schedule can be changed anytime after setting.

Flexible settings

Effebot offers a great amount of features which help our users to set up calls for various tasks. You can choose call speed, add option to transfer a dialogue to your agent, etc.

SMS after a call

Our service allows you to deliver not only calls but text messages as well. If you need to send promo code or a link, add this option to your IVR script in a block editor.

Transparent pricing

The cost of mailing contains in its report: you can check the overall amount or check the price for each call. Before start calculate the perfect price for free — using a bonus balance.

Free start

All new clients get money to their balance to launch the first mailing. All features are available in a demo mode, so you won’t waste a paisa to study advantages of our service.

World-wide coverage

Effebot Smart Dialer provides its services to users all over the world. Thanks to connection via the Internet, you can send calls to clients from almost every country on the globe.

Auto Dialer can be set in 3 steps


Create a message

Write a text or record an audio clip for broadcasting to your clients and choose speed of outbound calling.


Select targets

Choose phone numbers for auto dialing. You can load a file, copy 
a list or insert contacts by hands.


Start voice mailing

Press the button “Start” and wait until the process ends. Then you can check all the results in a report.


How much does Effebot Outbound Dialer cost?

Call price is estimated by time. How many seconds did a client speak with the robot, so many you will pay. Missed calls are free. Extra features such as SMS, re-sending, recording, have an extra cost.

How can I make an audio clip?

You can load audio clip you made before, record it in real time or delegate it to the robot. Effebot can sound your text, all you need is to write it and choose the suitable voice.

Is it obvious to a customer that they are speaking
with the robot?

It’s not always so. If you work out your script and use a realistic audio clip, only 5% of your client will recognize the robot. Our experts can help you with both — ask for free consultation.

How long does the mailing initialize?

It takes from 5 to 30 minutes. This difference is due to the moderation of audio clips — depends on the workload and quantity it can take different time.
The preparations also take time — you can make a simple voice mailing for two click, more complex one will require more actions.

How many calls in an hour would Effebot do?

You can manually set up a speed from 50 to more than 50 thousand calls per hour. If you need more, ask your personal manager to increase the rate for your campaign.

What is more productive — Effebot or text messages?

Calls attract attention more effectively. That is why the average conversion to answer for calls is around 2%. At the same time conversion of SMS is around 0,5%. Try for yourself — launch test mailing at our expense!

Can I send an SMS to a client through this service?

Yes, such option is available. You need to add action “send SMS” in IVR tree. The robot will send messages to clients when the mailing is finished.

Is the Outbound Dialer legal in my country?

It is absolutely legal if you use the base you made by yourself. You can use our advices to collect numbers properly.We also check an audio clip and let you know if some information is not possible to send.

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