Automated calling system

Provide coverage, speed, and efficiency to your mass communication. Some communications demand a voice, but there is not always enough of a time to call everyone individually. Automated calling system can help you with that. You need to concentrate only on the one quality message which will be heard by thousands of your clients. Deliver important information to a large audience faster with Effebot.

With Effebot you can

Low mailing price

Give a personal touch

To hear an actual voice may be much more comforting than reading the text

Reduce time for answer of a call-center operator

Select message delivery rate

Adjust outgoing speed and improve communication experience for both you and your customers

Make your investments profitable

Contact live by one button press

Install keystrokes menu to get immediate response from your clients

Increase conversion

Increase customers trust

For the first contact, calls are more preferable especially for a conservative audience


What is automated calling system?

Automated callings provided by a computer system and allow to send a pre-recorded message to many contacts at once. To deliver a message you need just recipients to pick up their phones. These voice messages sending by an automated call system will appear on the client's phone the same as any other phone call. It is very popular amongst businesses and organizations that need to communicate with large groups of people. It allows not to spend a lot of time or money. Effebot can offer you such a service. Assess the advantages which you can get of the automated calling system today.

Record and deliver your voice messages

A simple way to begin

You can test our smart IVR system right after the registration. We offer you 0,3$ to try all functions before you start a voice broadcasting to your customers.

Become closer to your clients

Making your audio message is easy. You can load the clip you already created, record it online or use the robot to generate the text you need to say out loud. Do it the way you and your customers like.

Make automated calls suitable to a time

Use an opportunity to schedule your calls. No need to start each voice broadcasting manually anymore. Also if your customer did not pick up the phone for the first time, our robot will not forget to call him again thanks to the option “Smart mailing”.

Get victory in the race for a client

The robot can handle your tasks faster than anyone. For example, Effebot is able to do from 50 to 54 000 calls in one hour. Value your time, choose automatic robocalls.

Send a text too

Do not leave your customers alone after you finished broadcasting. Make the robot send an SMS message to consolidate your agreements and make your offer more effective.

Convert your money into real result

We have to be honest with you. So happened that we want to get paid only for your successful calls. Do not ask us to take more. There is a fixed price for one second. That's it.

Always know what your client wants to hear

You can improve your calls by analyzing records and statistics. Find it in your personal account by yourself or ask our manager to help you. Check successful calls and listen to dialogues Effebot made with your customers. Consider all common answers and responses to make your voice broadcasting more effective.


What is bulk calls cost?

You pay per seconds of conversation. The cost per second of a call depends on your country. To calculate the exact price for your country and get a full price list for all countries, please write to us at
You pay only for successful calls – the time your client spoke with the robot. If the customer did not pick up the phone, you will not pay for this call.

Can your robot convert text to speech (audio)?

Yes, it can. You can write the text to voice–over by the robot and choose the type of voice: male or female. You may listen to the generated audio message before starting your broadcasting to choose the best option for your campaign.

How many of my clients will realize that they are speaking with a robot?

Usually, it is about 5% if you consider all popular questions your customer might ask and the message has been voiced by a human. Our manager can help you to create a human-like script for your broadcasting. You also can ask our professional narrator to voice your text.

How much time does it take to initialize bulk calls?

For simple voice broadcasting like: “Come to our store, we offer you a 5% discount for the first purchase” it takes about 3 minutes. You will need more time to make a more complex script. You can ask our managers for help to save your time.
Your voice broadcasting starts automatically in 5-30 minutes after you push the launch button. We use this time to check your message whether the information in it is legal. You also can plan your voice broadcasting for a particular date or time.

How many numbers Effebot can call in an hour?

Robot can make a maximum 300 000 calls in an hour. You can reduce outgoing speed and choose the one you want for your voice broadcasting.

What the difference between Effebot service and SMS/E-mail messages?

The average conversion of SMS-messages is 0,5% and of E-mail notifications is 0,1%
The average conversion of Effebot service is around 2%.
You can see the difference by yourself. Also you can check it using a test balance on your account.

Can your robot send an SMS message to a client?

Yes, it can. You have to add this function in your broadcasting and write a text for SMS message.
For example: robot ask customer “Are you interested?” and if customer said “Yes”, Effebot will send him SMS-message with website link.

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