Press 1 Campaign

Get an immediate response from your audience!
Press 1 Campaign is often used for sales leads, but different organizations can use it to confirm information, social interviews, or transfer the call to a manager. Check the benefits that these types of calls can offer.

With Effebot you can

Low mailing price

Get all-in-one solution

You need just one call to achieve all your goals

Reduce time for answer of a call-center operator

Expand your outreach

The robot is able to call more than 1 000 customers at once

Make your investments profitable

Boost your customer engagement

Give your customer an opportunity to learn more by transferring a call to a Manager

Increase conversion

Increase the quality of your leads

You will get only those customers who will make a purchase for sure

What is Press 1 Campaign?

Complex voice broadcasting often includes an Interactive Voice Response option (IVR). IVR can be carried out not only by the voice but also by keystrokes: a customer is able to select certain digits based on the preset menu. For example, your clients can take advantage of the offer, transfer their call to a manager, or leave feedback for a service. Press 1 Campaign can make your voice broadcasting more effective. It leads your customers directly to get desired information and make them act. With Effebot you can check all capabilities of Press 1 Campaign by yourself.

Start you promotion campaign easily with Effebot

Test your opportunities

After registration, you will already have 0,3$ on your account. Use them to check all functions of Effebot service. You always can ask your personal manager for help to achieve your goals.

Let your message be heard

Use our robot's innovative speech technologies to record your message. You also can make and audio by your own voice to give your promotion campaign a personal touch.

Make a plan for your voice broadcasting

You can choose a date or a time for your voice messaging to start and make a schedule for the next 3 days. If you will apply the option “Smart mailing” in your script, the robot will call the customers who did not pick up their phones at first.

Make it faster

You can choose your own outgoing speed: Effebot can call from 50 to 54 000 customers at once.

Get the all-in-one solution

In addition to simple informing you can send an SMS message to your clients or make robot transfer calls to your managers if necessary

Choose affordable prices

There are no subscription fees or payments for equipment installation. To calculate the final cost for your voice broadcasting is pretty simple: you pay only for successful calls, fixed price for a second of dialogue.

Make sure your Press 1 Campaign is effective

Gather the lowdown of your voice broadcasting and got feedbacks in real-time. You can see how many customers chose a positive or a negative answer, how many wanted to contact with manager to learn more, and so on. You can easily find and download all the information in your personal account.


What is bulk calls cost?

The cost of a call includes a few features: length of conversation, voice response, SMS, and call recording. If you have a simple informing message, you will pay only for seconds of a call. The cost per second of a call depends on your country. To calculate the exact price for your country and get a full price list for all countries, please write to us at If the client did not take the call, no payment is needed.

Can your robot convert text to speech (audio)?

Effebot can voice your text by a female or male voice. Just write your message and choose the perfect voice for your broadcasting on the “Creating mailing” page. If you press the button “Listen in advance” you can hear the result before the broadcasting start.

How many of my clients will realize that they are speaking with a robot?

If you follow our simple instructions it should be less than 5%. Briefly, you will need an audio record from a human announcer, lively speech with coughs and filler words, and correct script and keywords – you can ask your personal manager to help you with that.

How much time does it take to initialize bulk calls?

Simple informing messages with news and promotions like: “50% for all teapots, today only! Waiting for you in HomeMagic!” can be started in 3 minutes. More complex scripts like surveys, collecting feedback, or other specific tasks will take more time. Our managers are ready to help you to start your broadcasting faster.
Before your broadcasting begins we need to check if all the information in your messages is legal. Usually, it takes from 5 to 30 minutes depending on how many audio clips you have in your script.
You also have an option to make a schedule of your broadcasting and it will start at what time you set up.

How many numbers Effebot can call in an hour?

The maximum possible speed is around 300 000 calls per hour – it can become available by your specific request. The standard speed which you can choose in your personal account is from 50 to 54 000 calls per hour.

What the difference between Effebot service and SMS/E-mail messages?

Calls have better conversion than text (SMS or E-mail), it is much harder to miss. For example, SMS messages have 0,5% conversion, e-mail has 0,1% conversion, and calls have 2% conversion on average.
Effebot provides voice calls that can draw your customers' attention and cost less than a call center at the same time.
Test our robot efficiency now with your trial balance!

Can your robot send an SMS message to a client?

The robot can do it automatically due to the IVR system: for example, if a client press “1” because he is interested in your offer, Effebot will send him an SMS with a link, a promo code, or other information right after the call is over.

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