Bulk Voice Calls Service Comparing with SMS - Case for Real Estate in India


The real estate agency got a commercial object near the downtown area. Agency wants to give it for rent as soon as possible — to save a budget from unnecessary expenses.

On the other hand, there are plenty of local businesses which are interested in opening representative offices in a certain district.

Agents need to contact to huge amount potential clients to find the best tenant before their competitors did.


Agency doesn't have enough business developers to contact all potential clients in the base quickly. Agents also lose a lot of time trying to reach a new client: some contacts on bases never answer the call or quit the dialogue before an agent gives an offer.

Agency wanted to compensate for the low speed of calls by bulk text mailings. .

It didn’t help: potential clients didn’t read SMS or read them too late. Clients also couldn’t leave feedback by SMS so the agency couldn’t measure the conversion of the channel properly. Yet SMS gave a low amount of applications and didn’t cover expenses.


Call all potential clients and highlight only those who are interested in the agency’s services.


1 The real estate agency loaded its database into Effebot account.
Total amount — 9408 phone numbers.

2 The agent recorded an audio clip.
The human voice is necessary for this case - those clients who aren’t much familiar with the agency could experience negative emotions because of the artificial speech.

3 We added an IVR menu.
IVR option helps to highlight those clients who search for a commercial object for rent at this moment.

After the end of bulk calls, business developers unloaded the base segmented by the robot and call all interested clients again.

What was automatized?

Calling a huge amount of phone numbers in a short time.

Informing potential clients about agency services.

Screening out only interested clients.


Effebot called phone numbers from the base and informed contacts about a new commercial object available for rent.

Potential clients could give a response immediately by dialing the relevant numbers on their phone:

Press “1”— to learn more details.
This client number was transferred to the base for a second dialog with a business developer.

Press “2— to refuse of agency’s services.
This client number was excluded from the base for future calls.

Audio clip sample



phone numbers


contacts answered the call

1600 ₹

was spent


clients interested in a rent

The robot called all contacts in a few hours — much faster than all agents can do.

Agency got a 50% conversion on answering the call. So if business developers called all numbers by hand they lost working time in vain and bring the agency extra expenses.

The robot helped segmented the database in a short time and agents continue to work only with those clients who are ready for cooperation.

One client for the agency cost only 50 ₹

The agency found the perfect tenant in a short time and saved the budget for future investments.

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