Effebot Partnership:
Deliver the Best Experience to Your Clients

Win-win: more than 1000 companies implemented Effebot Voice Solution and reached the results for themselves and their clients

What is a Partner Program?

Effebot provides a cost-effective way to add a new product to your lineup without the overhead cost of hiring new staff and software

For Marketing Agency:
- provide most effective CX service with special price
- fulfill your customers needs with a low-cost marketing service
- grow your business with Partnership Reward Program

For Freelancers:
- attract customers and make money with Partnership Reward Program

TurnKey service

You get service with full functionality and ready to use.
You can sell ready solutions we offer on our website or buy personal software. Our specialists will customize it for your needs and help at every stage of work

Easy Access

Start working immediately without programming skills - the platform is friendly and easy to use

Free Customer Success Manager

Our experts are happy to help you with any questions you have, it is unlimited and free

Free Tech Support

You and your clients get full set up help without additional charges

The Terms of Partnership Reward Program

A piece of cake: your profit comes from the difference between the affiliate tarif and markup you set for your customers.

Sample forIndia

The calculation of the revenue for a partner:

Customer’s tariff

0.031 INR / sec

The average size of database

5,000 numbers


The average lenth of a call

50 seconds


The total price for a customer

7,750 INR


The calculation of the cost for a partner:

Partner’s tariff

0.029 INR / sec

The average size of database

5,000 numbers


The average lenth of a call

50 seconds


The total price with an affiliate tariff

7,250 INR


Partner’s profit:

The total price for a customer

7,750 INR

The total price (the affiliate tariff)

7,250 INR


Your profit from 1 client’s campaign

500 INR


Need terms and a sample for another country?

More Benefits of Effebot Partner Prorgam

User friendly

Start mailing in 15 minutes

API access

Integrate with any platform to automate the whole process

Passive income

Train your customers with simple steps and get profit


Use crystal clear report to analyze your income level and user activity

How to Become Effebot Partner?


Get in touch with our manager


Sign a contract


Acquire new clients

What is Effebot?

Effebot is a service that helps to send pre-recorded or generated voice messages to thousands of call recipients at once.

Conduct any scripts and call scenarios with speech recognition and IVR functions.

Integrate to your system with API.

Improve CX at all stages with Effebot



effebot Verificate your customers

effebot Remind about the options, i.e. trial

effebot Send welcome calls, introduce your product and educate



effebot Automate all transactional contacts (i.e. delivery status) and make them really fast and involving

effebot Congratulate on the holidays

Repeat customers


effebot Remind about the remaining balance

effebot Inform about new options and products

effebot Collect the feedback, analyze it and enhance your service