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How to Invite More than 10000 Parishioners to the Online Religious Service in 2 Hours


According to sociological surveys, 89% of Nigerian citizens attend a church at least once a week.

Unfortunately, due to increasing the number of COVID-19 cases, it is not safe to assemble in huge groups of people. It cannot be afforded even on such an important Holy Day as Easter Sunday. The Church cares about its parishioners, so it gives them an opportunity to participate in religious service online.


To call everyone is really hard – it would take a lot of the Church workers’ time and energy.
Our client considered transferring the task to an outsourcing call center. Operators asked for a very high price for their services, though. The Church exists thanks to donations and it cannot afford such expenses

10 560

Phone numbers


Price for call center’s service

More than 8 days

Call center needs to fulfil the task

Moreover, the call center needed at least a week to accomplish the task. It was too long for our client. Calls must be done faster to inform all parishioners of the Church before Easter.


To convince people to stay at their homes and to let them know that they can watch and listen to Easter religious ceremonies online.


1 The phone numbers database of the city Christian community was loaded into the personal account. There were 10 560 phone numbers in total.

2 Pastor recorded an audio message: he asked people to care about their health and invite them to celebrate Easter Sunday with the Church online. The audio clip was emotional – it helped to convince contacts that they were speaking with Pastor himself. Thus, all contacts who picked up their phones listen to the full message.

A familiar voice made the audience believe that online sermons are a necessary measure and they can help to get through these difficult times. That is why more than half of the contacts asked for the link to the online translation of Easter ceremony.

Fast and timely voice broadcasting helped to reduce the number of people who have come to the Church at Easter and therefore to low the number of sick patients.

What was automatized?

Dialing and calling a huge amount of phone numbers

Sending the link to the online broadcasting of Easter ceremony

Informing parishioners about the Church events


Effebot automatically began to call phone numbers from the loaded database right after the broadcasting was started. When contact picked up his phone, the robot started to play the recorded message.

When the speech was over, the robot asked if the person wanted to get the link to the web page where Easter ceremony will be broadcasted online.

The robot used a smart IVR system to recognize the answer

“1” for “yes”
– the robot sent the link by SMS

“2” for “no”
– the robot said goodbye and finished the call.

Example of an audio clip


Effebot called all numbers from the database 30 times faster than a regular call center.
It was possible to use the voice of Pastor which is familiar to the Church parishioners. This is the reason why they were extremely loyal to robocalls - 100% of contacts listened to the full message.

10 560

Phone numbers base

7 392

Respondents took the survey


Contacts asked for the link


Price for Effebot service

The robot helped to optimize time resources. Effebot informed people and if needed sent them the link to the web page where the online sermon will be broadcasted.

The Church parishioners did not have to search the broadcasting by themselves.

The Church parishioners did not forget about the event.

The Church workers did not waste their time answering questions about the broadcasting.

The Church budget was saved

Robocalls cost 3 times cheaper a call center services. Saved money can be spent for resources to the neediest groups.

Our client’s feedback

“We care about our parishioners’ health above all much. It was important to prevent the infection and let people be in touch with the Church and God at the same time. That is why we organized online sermons.
It is not an easy task for a stranger to convince the audience that such changes are necessary. Unfortunately, Pastor cannot call everyone by himself. Effebot helped us a lot and complete the task faster than anyone.
I believe we will use robocalls again, maybe to conduct a survey. Thank you again!“

First 10 calls at our expense!

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