Bulk WhatsApp Service

A new innovative product from Effebot is available.

WhatsApp bulk messages will improve your sales and take a quality of a customer experience to a new level.

What is a Bulk WhatsApp Service for?

Update offers

Send new catalogs to your clients and double your re-sales.

Receive orders

Collect orders from customers, check and confirm them in real time.

Automate consulations

Set up a chatbot to answer popular questions without your involvement.

Keep loyalty

Engage clients in loyalty programs by a timely content supply.

Inform about promos

Tell details about current discounts, promotions or events.

Send notifications

Create back in stock alerts and interest-based recommendations.

How does Effebot Bulk WhatsApp Service work?


Check a client base

You send us a base you need to inform. We check if all contacts have a WhatsApp account — it is free.


Pay for messages

Our manager gives you a report about available contacts and you pay only for these numbers.


Start bulk messaging

We coordinate a content which will be sent, complete settings and launch a WhatsApp bulk mailing.

The next day the bulk mailing is finished, we will send you a report which contains all results messages have achieved.

No time for negotiations is not a problem

Just give us a task and we will do everything for you

Make a personalized script Prepare the mailing for launch Make a detailed report Create the best solution

With Effebot WhatsApp Bulk Service you can

Low mailing price

Save your time

High speed allows to inform thousands of clients in a minute

Reduce time for answer of a call-center operator

Know your customers

Get a detailed statistics after each WhatsApp bulk mailing

Make your investments profitable

Maintain a dialogue

Collect a real-time responses from you clients

Increase conversion

Increase the loyalty

Make your customers feel special in any situation

Main advantages of Effebot Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Full support

Leave your contacts to get a free consultation from our experts. The manager will help you to set up and launch the first Bulk WhatsApp mailing to 1000 clients from your base.

A maximum speed

Contact as many clients as you need in a few minutes. Effebot Bulk WhatsApp Service allows to choose a suitable speed for each of your tasks.

A schedule for your messages

Plan your Bulk WhatsApp mailings beforehand. You can discuss the schedule with our managers and choose the best date and time for your bulk messages.

Money saving

Reduce the cost for customer communications. In Effebot WhatsApp Service you pay only for existing accounts and those bulk messages which achieved their recipients.

Level up your WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp Bulk Messages will help you to build strong connections with all your customers.

Effebot Bulk WhatsApp Sender will help you to achieve results faster and increase the effectiveness of each subsequent mailing — thanks to detailed reports our experts provide.

Get the best solution which will make clients listen to you!


What is Bulk WhatsApp Messages pricing?

One text message costs 0,05$. A message with text and picture costs 0,06$.
Effebot WhatsApp Service provides flexible pricing: you pay only for delivered messages. Our experts check your base and help to form a base for a bulk mailing with existing accounts only — for free!

How many time it takes to start a Bulk WhatsApp Mailing?

Less than one day: today we analyze your base and you pay the bill, tomorrow the WhatsApp bulk messages will be launched.
All the results will be collected in one report in a next day after the bulk mailing was finished.

What do I need to start a Bulk WhatsApp Mailing?

First of all you need to describe your business task and to reconsile a message. Then all you have to do is to send your client base and pay a bulk mailing. Our managers will do the rest and provide you a detailed report.

How many contacts Effebot Bulk WhatsApp sender can reach in an hour?

Effebot can send thousands of messages in a minute. You can discuss speed possibilities with our managers and choose a suitable one.

What is best — Bulk WhatsApp Sender and SMS/E-mail messages?

SMS or e-mail is often lost by customers, that is why they have low conversion – from 0,01 to 0,05%.
WhatsApp messages are more effective thanks to push notifications. Effebot provide a profitable WhatsApp solution. Use our bulk service to achieve better results at the best price!

Can I add an attachment to my WhatsApp Bulk Messages?

Yes, you can add pictures and other attachments to your text message for small extra price.

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