Your Service for Voice Broadcasting Service in the Philippines

Effebot service offers the best solutions for your business campaigns. Try bulk voice calls and increase your profit.

What is Effebot?

It is a web service with which you can deliver an interactive voice message to your customer.
The main difference between simple calling and other programs - a call will be made by a robot but without making any code.
The call is the perfect instrument for your marketing strategy: transmit bulk messages at once, make different notifications. Fulfill your task with low pricing: an automated call cost at least three times cheaper than SMS. Our software allows you to receive incoming applications as well.
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EffeBot fits any business

Cold calls

Ring up all your customers in a few minutes.

Phone surveys

Know more about your customers’ experience in a short time, their response will be shown in the system.

Informing customers

Inform all clients about promotions, sales and news.

Fast and easy notifications

Use Effebot API to make smart notifications about meetings, delivery and news.

Use it for any calls

Leads are cheaper than one from targeted and contextual advertising. Get new cheap customers and return the old ones using only one simple tool without any learning.

Monitor calls efficiency and impact in real time

You can increase future profit of your voice messages: check how many people picked up the phone, how many times they pressed buttons, average phone call duration, listen to all calls and etc.

Run a voicemail in 3 minutes

    There are 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Write the text of your offer and convert it into the voice clip or record by yourself.
  • 2. Add phone numbers that have to be ringed.
  • 3. Enjoy the result!





Cool service. Prices are affordable compared to sms mailing. You can run a call, even with a small advertising budget and get great numbers. + there is a test balance if you are afraid to invest in a new notification channel. We use the service and do not plan to stop cooperation.




We had heard about voice robots, but for some reason we had never used them before. After reading the reviews, we decided to try running a test mailing. What can I say, the robot is certainly not a live person, but it is a good analogue. If a customer asks for something that the robot does not have the keywords for, it will not answer. We used redirecting to the manager for this option. It still came out cheaper than sms or call center. Use.



head of Sales

I want to leave a positive review of the voice mailing service. We tested different advertising channels: they were expensive and ineffective, or about nothing at all. We found voice robots and decided to give them a try. The results, even with a trial mailing were impressive. If you want to tell your clients about some news quickly and inexpensively, voice mailing is a good option.

We developed Effebot because we want to help other people as well as create a modern and innovative product.

While turning simple robocall into a robust business platform, we’ve gained tons of knowledge about growth and customer relations. Our mission is to share our knowledge, bring personal touch to online communication and never stop loving what we do.


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