Voice Mailings Service in Nigeria

This service will make
communication with customers
much easier for your business.

What is Effebot?

Every business needs to communicate with its potential and current clients. That is why we created Effebot. Our service will give effective instruments to make call-center work easier and time-saving. Effebot will be highly useful for e-commerce and customer service. Our team unites 100+ creative people which will help to find the most productive and simple solution for your business. Our customers’ business growth is the most real evidence of Effebot efficiency. We will be happy to share success with you.

EffeBot fits any business

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Cold calls

We'll ring up all your customers in a few minutes.

Phone surveys

Organize customer surveys, assessment of the quality of services provided, complaints and claims fixing.

Informing customers

Inform all clients about promotions, sales and news.

Fast and easy notifications

Inform about delivery status profitably via voice mailing.

Use it for any calls

Leads are cheaper than one from targeted and contextual advertising. Get new cheap customers and return the old ones using only one simple tool without any learning.

Monitor calls efficiency and impact in real time

You can increase future profit of your voice messages: check how many people picked up the phone, how many times they pressed buttons, average phone call duration, listen to all calls and etc.

Run a voicemail in 3 minutes

    There are 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Write the text of your offer and convert it into the voice clip or record by yourself.
  • 2. Add phone numbers that have to be ringed.
  • 3. Ring up your customer database.




technical specialist

I love this service. We bring clients to webinars and use the service to increase revenue. We spend only $13 to remind 1300 people. And we get plus 1-3 sales steadily. And every sale for us is a plus of $150.
We've been using the service for over a year now, and I'm happy with it.




How do you get from $7 to $700?
I love this service precisely because I can deposit even $1! Other services pay in packages and we do not always spend it out, and the guys work with small checks.
I have small webinars and spending $7 a month makes me $700 profit! That's just 10 times as much. I think the service is the best voice robot on the market right now.



fitness studio marketer

Fast and convenient.
We were looking for a service to quickly tell our customers about the opening of a new branch. There were no issues at all. Neither at the stage of sorting out the service, nor at the stage of launching the mailing. Managers are definitely commendable, our manager Tola explained everything in detail and told us how to do the mailing. We are very content with the results. We will be doing more calls.

We developed Effebot because we want to help other people as well as create a modern and innovative product.

While turning simple robocall into a robust business platform, we’ve gained tons of knowledge about growth and customer relations. Our mission is to share our knowledge, bring personal touch to online communication and never stop loving what we do.


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