How to Generate Leads and Improve Customer Communications for Financial Products / Loans?


In the fast-paced world of financial services, lead management is crucial for success. Our client, a prominent financial company, faced the challenge of high costs associated with maintaining requests through manual calling, while also striving to ensure that no valuable leads slipped away. Seeking a breakthrough, the company turned to our marketing team for innovative solutions. We proposed a game-changing approach – automated voice calls with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – to optimize lead management and drive cost savings.


For our client, the financial company, the effectiveness of Facebook Ads is undeniable, garnering an impressive 3,000 leads within a mere month. Yet, managing these leads efficiently remains a formidable obstacle. With dedicated tally callers pursuing 100 potential new debitors on the same day, prompt connections are the goal. Nevertheless, an unresponsive rate of nearly 60% necessitates the need for follow-up calls.


phone numbers


price for call center’s service

1 month

was spent to gain 45 loanees

We offered them an alternative way - to promote the financial products with mass automated calls.


Overcoming High Maintenance Costs and Retaining Leads Effectively


1 Understanding the pressing need for a more efficient and cost-effective lead management system, our marketing team recommended the implementation of automated voice calls with IVR. This cutting-edge solution offered a seamless way to engage with leads, enhance customer interactions, and optimize the lead conversion process.

2 To ensure maximum engagement and facilitate easy navigation for the leads, we crafted a customized IVR script as follows:
"Hello! Thank you for your interest in personal loans. Press 1 to apply for a personal loan at the current lowest interest rate. Press 2 to know the available interest rates. Press 3 if you are not interested."

The Benefits of Automated Voice Calls with IVR:

- Cost Savings: By automating lead management through IVR, the financial company achieved significant cost savings, eliminating the need for a large team of manual callers.

- Improved Lead Engagement: The automated system responded promptly to customer requests, ensuring that no leads were left waiting, thus significantly improving lead engagement and customer satisfaction.

- Enhanced Efficiency: With automated voice calls, the financial company could handle a large volume of leads simultaneously, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

- Personalized Experience: The IVR script was designed to deliver a personalized experience to each lead, offering relevant options based on their interests and requirements.

What was automatized?

Dialing and calling a huge amount of phone numbers

Sending the link with the detailed information and form


The implementation of automated voice calls with IVR proved to be a game-changer for our client. They experienced a substantial reduction in lead management costs, leading to improved profitability. Additionally, the company saw a remarkable increase in lead engagement and a higher conversion rate, resulting in an upsurge in new customer acquisitions.

The robot used a smart IVR system to recognize the answer

“1” for “yes”
– manager called back

“2” for “interested”
– the robot send interest rates and form



total cost


cost for 1 call


amount of debitors


phone numbers’ base

Automating lead management through voice calls with IVR not only resolved the financial company's cost challenges but also optimized lead engagement and conversion rates. With the strategic implementation of a customized script, our client successfully enhanced customer interactions and streamlined operations. This case study serves as a testament to the power of innovation and automation in transforming lead management for financial institutions, enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive market and drive sustainable growth.

The budget was saved

Embracing automation has positioned them for ongoing success and strengthened their business.

Our client’s feedback

“Wow! Effebot was a total game-changer for our financial company! We were struggling with the high costs of manual calling and losing leads left and right. But thanks to this solution, everything turned around. The IVR script is like magic – it's engaging and so easy for our customers to follow. Our lead management process has never been smoother, and we're saving big bucks. Can't thank you enough for this awesome solution!“

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