Benefits of Text Messaging for Your Business Communication

You all know that proper communication or connectivity has become a major driving force for a business’s growth. Reliable, convenient, and fast; are some of the important considerations in finding which communication mode you should opt for. And you find text messaging a viable option. SMS or text messaging is very simple access and is not app dependent.

High Open Rate

Different studies have proved that text messages witness a higher open rate compared to emails, around 98 percent of the open rate. Whenever people hear the alert tone, it signals a notification, a call or an SMS, and they instantly check it out. So, take advantage of it now.

Faster Deliverability

Some studies inform that it takes around 80 to 90 seconds for a user to respond to an SMS. If you want to reach your target customers while they are on the move or want to run a marketing campaign utilizing text messaging, you may reach your customers in real-time. This can also boost the sense of relevance and urgency.


Text messaging capability is a common feature for every mobile phone, and to communicate through SMS, people don’t need to use a separate app or data plan. SMS is always available. All it requires is a GSM network. On the other hand, you can’t send an email if you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Opt-Out or Opt-in

Not all your customers may like to get regular updates about your products, services or business. Well, the opt-out and opt-in features offered by text messaging service providers are very convenient for such customers.

Expanding into text messaging can be a perfect complementary for every business. It can lead to better customer engagement. So, go for it and take advantage of the best Promotional Messaging services now to keep your customers informed and engaged.

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