Text marketing

Text Marketing- An Effective Mobile Marketing Tool

Text messaging is not just a way to chat with your friends. It has become a powerful marketing tool for all types of businesses. While it is simple to use, businesses use it to interact effectively with their customers and prospects. If you have not given text marketing a try, still confused about whether you should go for it or not, then have a look at the below-mentioned benefits.

Text Marketing Increases Customer Engagement

As per some studies, mobile phone users touch the device around 2500 times every day. Well, those numbers can be very surprising when it comes to SMS marketing. Every time they pick up their cell phone, they would see the message from you. You can go for different types of text message campaigns, such as insider information, exclusive deals, polls, surveys and more.

More Reliable than Emails

More than 95 percent of the marketing text messages that are sent through SMS are viewed within just five minutes. That means you will witness a better open rate. While the average response time for emails is 90 minutes, in the case of text messages, it is 90 seconds. So, instead of spending your money and time on emails, give this a try.

It can Be Integrated With Other Channels

A professional text message or promotional message service will let you effectively integrate with other existing marketing channels. For example, you can easily integrate with Salesforce, MailChimp and more. All these things will work together so that you can enjoy a better result. Give it a try now.

The benefits or advantages of text marketing are unlimited. Apart from these, it will also help you to know more about your customers, and it is cost-effective. Go for the best Promotional Messaging service and attract more customers to your brand, products and services.

There are several ways and purposes of sending messages to your clients. Learn more by the links:

Transactional Messaging

Make your communication with a client interactive: thank for registration, confirm orders, return to abandoned carts and etc. React to your clients' actions faster than ever - with Effebot.

Smart IVR

Give your customer an interactive experience using a call with voice response recognition. Stand on the new level of business communication thanks to the IVR solution from Effebot!

Bulk Whatsapp

A new innovative product from Effebot is available. WhatsApp bulk messages will improve your sales and take a quality of a customer experience to a new level.

Watch our guide to learn more about Effebot, multichannel solution for messaging:

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