What is an OTP Code?

Can you safeguard your online transactions with an OTP?

Data in companies and businesses cannot be simply protected with the help of a password. When trying to implement a system with a security setup, user participation is as important as implementation. The two-factor authentication process is one of the most unambiguous ways to provide users with an enhanced level of security. This can be used to prevent fraud and stop hackers from getting unauthorized access to vital information and data. Incorporating the use of OTP can give you a peaceful sleep.

OTP As a Reliable Two-Step Authentication Factor

There are several independent credentials that you can rely on when it comes to the greater security of your system. OTP is considered a factor that can balance your needs when it comes to delivering users the security they need. So, what is an OTP (One-Time PIN) Code? An OTP is the most authentic multi-factor identification. They are present in unique passwords or digits, which are valid for a single session and expire after that. They are also different from the general static passwords, which are always in the vulnerable threat of being figured out.

Let's look at some of the advanced benefits that OTP generation helps users with.

Benefits of authenticating your systems with an OTP

OTP generally adds an extra layer of authentication to run your device's algorithm properly. With a set of synchronization and validation of the user's credentials, the device generates a valid password or a digit. This password, upon having entered correctly, permits you authorized access to the respective application, service or website. Let's take a brief look through the same:

The ease of its use:

Since most of the users are habituated and well-comforted with the use of smartphones, it has made it easier for them to understand the concept of OTPs. It has been incorporated as a part of their daily lives, making their routines easier and safer. The Mobile authentication app has made it easily accessible for users to get a hand on the OTP immediately after its release.

They are not open and vulnerable to replay attacks:

OTPs are mostly known to mitigate the chance of replaying attacks, and this ensures an extra added layer of security. Replay attacks mostly use a pirated version of a traditional password and account name and get access to your system. This can effectively play your password twice. Since OTPs are not reusable, they cannot be logged in to the service in their valid form.

Its ease of administration:

OTPs are mostly driven by mobile apps. They are easy to administer and manage. One can easily install an app that supports the authentication of the OTP. You don't even have to use an IT assistance and convenient support system to run the generation of OTP on your phone.

OTPs work even without the internet:

The generation of OTPs works on a clock-based algorithm. They are mechanized and synchronized across the IT infrastructure that doesn't even need a cellular network and internet connection. They work on wireless signals, and you do not have to depend upon your network system to generate one.

Along with the ease of generation and reliability the use of OTPs has provided, you might have got a brief idea of what is an OTP (One-Time PIN) Code. However, there are a few drawbacks that come with the same.


It requires a mobile device:

Upon successful authentication of OTP-based apps on your phones, it requires the users to complete the login process. This involves taking a personal step and installing the same on the phone. In case your phone dies or is out of reach, the authentication process remains incomplete.

It is completely invalid in cases where the device is stolen:

In order for the authentication to take place properly, it is important that you have your operating system intact with you. Re-improvising your mobile authenticator app can make you lose your access to the OTP token. Given cases like such, you have to get your hands on a new token that needs to be shipped and purchased again.

This gives us a brief about what is an OTP (One-Time PIN) Code. There are several ways in which the OTP soft tokens are downloaded. Apps like RapidIdentity can be used to turn the device into an OTP generator that can effectively generate a secret key.

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