How to make a pre-recorded message for bulk callings?

When a client picks up the phone you have just a few seconds to convince him to listen to you. Your main task is to get the client hooked by an interesting offer and to carry him through the conversation script.

An audio clip contents

The perfect clip should be short and clear.

Summarize everything you want to say in a few phrases. For example, to announce a sale in your store tell about discount and to which groups of goods it extends. If you do not charge for a delivery you may just say “Free delivery”.


Do not use abstract phrases, like “We hold Discounts Carnival for all quality products of our store”. A client will hang up because he does not understand the offer.

The perfect clip should long about 15-20 seconds.

Few people will listen to a stranger for long. Most persons start to interrupt a speaker after 15 seconds of conversation.

The perfect clip should contain only closed questions.

These questions should offer a limited number of answers, for example, “yes” or “no”. It is impossible to predict all answers to such questions as “How are you?”

A suitable voice

If you want to get the best result of your automatic calls, you need to choose suitable voice for it. “Suitable” in this case means it will be associated with a product or a service correctly.

Let us see examples:

A female voice will be the best option to accept and to confirm medical appointments.

Women are usually associated with softness and sensitivity. For this reason, such a voice can help a client to relax and to tell about even a delicate issue.

A male voice will suit for fishing or hunting equipment’s advertising.

A confident man will be perfectly associated with the products of such a store.

A young girl or young lad voices can be used for students’ broadcasting.

A familiar voice will increase the confidence of such an audience.

A human or a robot?

An audio clip can be voice by a human announcer or by Effebot. In the first case, only 5% can recognize they are speaking with a machine, but in the second case, it is pretty obvious. What option you should choose?

It depends on your business task:

“Machinery” robots will suit for:

appointing to a doctor

Sale goods and services

Inform about promotional events

If a client know he speaks with a machine, he will formulate a request more clearly.

“Human” robots will suit for:

interviews or polling

cold calls


If a client know he speaks with a machine, he will formulate a request more clearly.

Make your perfect audio clip

You can easily test what a message or a voice your audience wants to hear. Make an account on and get a trial balance to start your first automatic calls for free.

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