DLT Registration in India: A Step-by-Step Guide

DLT registration ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and protects the interests of consumers. The growing popularity of DLT registration platforms is linked to their ability to organize and manage marketing campaigns. This allows businesses to establish a legitimate presence and gain the trust of customers.

To send bulk calls and SMS messages in India, organizations must comply with the mandatory DLT registration requirement established by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Each company should be aware of the procedure for ensuring the legality of its actions.

We can help you with this: here is our article that highlights important details of DLT registration and its features in India, including a step-by-step guide that will help you easily get IDs for mailing lists.

What is DLT Registration and Why is It Important

DLT registration, also known as distributed registry technology registration, refers to the business registration process. This process involves obtaining sender IDs and creating consent templates on centralized platforms using distributed registry technology. It is a system designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in various industries, especially in the context of telemarketing and SMS marketing.

Companies must obtain the explicit consent of the recipients before sending advertising messages in order to follow the rules and maintain their DLT registration. This provides consumers with the ability to control the type and frequency of marketing messages they receive, promoting a more respectful and focused approach to communication. By registering DLT, regulators seek to protect consumers from unsolicited messages and increase their overall satisfaction with telecommunications services.

Distributed ledger technology used by DLT registration platforms provides reliable registration of interactions between enterprises and consumers. Such transparency contributes to confidence-building by ensuring that communications come from verified and legitimate sources. This reduces risks and protects consumers from fraud or misleading advertising.

How DLT Registration Could Be Useful for the Business

Advantages of DLT Registration seems obvious when we are talking about regular consumers. But what about the business? It has to fulfill a great amount of requirements, yet less understood how such difficult procedures could make the business prosper.

Here some reasons why the company should become legal and get its own ID for marketing campaigns:

Regulatory Compliance: DLT registration ensures businesses comply with regulatory guidelines and requirements imposed by governing bodies, protecting them from penalties or legal issues related to telemarketing and SMS marketing practices.

Effective Sender Brand Management: DLT registration platforms facilitate efficient management of sender IDs, allowing businesses to display their brand name or recognizable identity as the sender of SMS messages. This improves brand recognition and consistency in communication.

Centralized Documentation: DLT registration platforms offer centralized management of registration processes, documents, and compliance requirements. This streamlines administrative tasks and reduces the complexity associated with regulatory compliance.

Optimal Resource Utilization: DLT registration platforms offer features and tools that aid businesses in managing their SMS marketing campaigns effectively. This includes consent template configuration, enabling businesses to streamline their communication while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Competitive Advantage: DLT registration showcases a business's commitment to regulatory compliance and responsible marketing practices. This can provide a competitive edge, as customers are more likely to trust and engage with businesses that prioritize compliance and consumer protection.

Future Proofing: As regulatory landscapes evolve, DLT registration ensures businesses remain adaptable and compliant with changing requirements. By embracing DLT registration early on, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory updates and industry standards.

Overall, DLT registration offers numerous benefits for businesses, even if they may seem not so visible. Due to them, registering the ID for the company will be wiser than not doing it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register on a DLT Platform

The process of IDs registration is not as difficult as it may look at first sight. Yet it surely will require some time and patience. Our guide will help you to overcome each step easily:

Research and Select a DLT Platform
You have to conduct thorough research to identify reputable DLT registration platforms. Evaluate their features, pricing, user interface, customer support, and compatibility with your business needs. A platform should be chosen due to your requirements and a user-friendly experience.

Gather Required Documentation
The documents required for registration may include business registration certificates, PAN card, Aadhaar card, and other relevant identification proofs. Ensure that you have digital copies of these documents readily available.

Create an Account
Click on the registration button and provide the required information (business name, contact details, and email address). Create a strong password to secure your account to not lose the account as well as the ID because of hackers. Do not forget to verify your email and mobile number to get access to the account.

Complete Business Profile Information
Next, you have to fill in the necessary details about your business, such as business type, address, and GST (Goods and Services Tax) details. Accuracy and valid information will expedite the registration process.

Upload Required Documents
After authorization you can find the section for document upload on the DLT platform. Upload the digital copies of the documents you gathered, following the platform's specifications for file format and size. Double-check that the documents are clear and legible before proceeding.

Await Document Verification
After submitting the documents, the DLT platform will initiate the verification process. Wait for the platform to review and validate your documents. This process may take some time, depending on the platform's workload and verification procedures.

Configure Consent Templates
When document verification is done, you will be able to proceed to configure consent templates. Follow the platform's guidelines to create templates that comply with regulatory requirements such as clear opt-out instructions and providing the purpose of communication.

Register Sender IDs
To make a sender name for the company go to the section for registering sender IDs on the platform. Provide the necessary details, such as the desired sender ID and its purpose. Follow all instructions of the platform to register the sender ID correctly.

Maintain Compliance
Unfortunately, to register the ID is not enough to comply with the requirements of the law. You have to regularly review and update all consent templates to reflect any changes in your communication strategy. Explore regulatory guidelines updates and make adjustments to your messaging practices as required.

By following these steps, you can successfully register on a DLT platform and ensure regulatory compliance for making trustworthy marketing campaigns. Don't hesitate to ask experts of a chosen platform for consultation if some specific instructions are not clear or you meet troubles during the registration process.

Available DLT Registration Platforms Review

There are many platforms that will help with ID registration. Most of them are approved by the government, so the choice of a platform depends on the needs and requirements of the company.

Let’s look at the three largest and most popular options and their benefits.

TRAI DLT platform

TRAI DLT (Distributed Telecommunications Technology Regulator of India Registry) is the official platform authorized by TRAI to register DLT in India. It provides enterprises with a centralized system of registration and management of the marketing.


The TRAI DLT platform ensures compliance with regulatory requirements set by TRAI, offering companies a secure and authorized messaging channel.

The platform allows companies to customize consent templates according to regulatory requirements, providing transparency and user control over marketing messages.

Organizations can register and manage their sender identifiers, which contributes to brand recognition and consistency of SMS messages.

Route of mobile platform DLT

The Route Mobile DLT platform is a widely recognized platform that allows companies to register and comply with DLT rules for SMS and telemarketing in India. It offers integrated features to optimize the registration process and ensure compliance.


The Route Mobile DLT platform provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the registration process and makes it accessible to businesses of any size.

The platform implements a reliable verification mechanism that provides legitimacy to registered enterprises and builds trust between recipients of SMS messages.

Route Mobile offers support for various communication channels, allowing companies to expand their messaging capabilities.

Karix DLT platform

The Karix DLT platform is known for its full range of functions and solutions for DLT registration and compliance with tele- and SMS marketing. This responds to the needs of enterprises seeking a reliable platform to manage their messaging campaigns.


Karix allows companies to create and customize consent templates based on their specific marketing requirements, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and customer consent.

The Platform’s scalability and performance ensure scalability and high performance, allowing companies to effectively run large-scale messaging campaigns.

Karix provides real-time reports and analysis to companies, providing valuable information on messaging efficiency, delivery speed and customer engagement.

These popular registration platforms in distributed registries enable companies to meet regulatory requirements, optimize messaging operations and gain the trust of the target audience. Each platform has its own unique features and advantages, allowing companies to choose from the one that best suits their specific needs and preferences.


DLT registration is the thing each company with an active marketing strategy has to deal with. It is a mandatory requirement established by the TRAI to regulate telemarketing and SMS marketing. It ensures compliance, protects consumer interests, and promotes transparency. Organizations must comply with the TRAI's DLT registration requirement to send bulk calls and text messages.

Strict rules are not always a mischief for the business. The DLT Registration has some advantages for companies as well. Except for saving from fines, the company gets the opportunity to prove itself in front of customers — as a reliable partner. In addition, registration helps the business to shape its own brand, configure the document management and prepare itself for the future.

DLT Registration Platforms provide user-friendly forms to apply for getting your own sender ID. Just prepare required documents and follow the steps — and your mailing will never be blocked.

If you have any questions about the registering IDs for your mailings, feel free to contact Effebot experts to get a consultation. We're always in touch to help you to solve your business tasks easier.

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