Streamlining Auto Services Business with Bulk Voice Calls and IVR


Our client, auto services business, faced challenges in efficiently reaching out to their clients for service reminders and promotions. Their existing method of using tele callers for invitations was both expensive and time-consuming. It was becoming difficult to maintain a high level of customer engagement. Seeking a more efficient approach, the client turned to bulk voice calls with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). They partnered with Effebot to create customized voice messages that included interactive options for clients.


The auto service center encountered a problem with efficiently informing their clients about upcoming services and promotional campaigns. The current method of reaching out to clients using telephone operators proved to be not only costly but also time-consuming. This led to difficulties in maintaining a high level of customer engagement.

In search of more efficient communication methods, the company was looking for alternative solutions capable of reducing both costs and the time required to process customer information.


Optimize client outreach for an auto services business using cost-effective bulk voice calls with IVR for quicker response and engagement.


1 The client's list of contacts was uploaded to the bulk voice call platform. The IVR system allowed the calls to be automated, saving time and reducing costs. The message invited clients to avail the car cleaning and other services, and they could respond by pressing a button to indicate their interest.

2 To ensure maximum engagement and facilitate easy navigation for the leads, we crafted a customized IVR script as follows:
"Hello! Get your car cleaned only for __ rs. Press 1 to approve your car’s service. Press 2 to get another offer. the offers are limited. Thanks!"

What was automatized?

Dialing and calling a huge amount of phone numbers

Response collection and analytics

The Script

The robot used a smart IVR system to recognize the answer

“1” for “yes”
– manager called back

“2” for “another offer”
– the robot send another offer

Implementation Steps

1 Needs Assessment: Conducted thorough discussions with the auto services business client to understand their challenges with expensive telecaller-based outreach and slow response rates.

2 IVR Script Creation: Collaborated with the client to design a comprehensive IVR script that introduced their car cleaning and service offerings succinctly and effectively.

3 Voice Recording: Recorded the IVR messages in a clear, enthusiastic, and friendly manner.

4 Contact List Preparation: Assisted the client in organizing their contact database, segmenting it based on relevant demographics and preferences.

5 Bulk Voice Call Setup: Leveraged a reputable bulk voice call service provider to set up the campaign, integrating the IVR system seamlessly.

6 Scheduling: Worked with the client to determine the optimal calling times, considering peak hours and audience convenience.

7 Campaign Launch: Executed the campaign, enabling the IVR system to autonomously deliver the tailored messages to the targeted recipients.

8 Response Monitoring: Monitored the campaign's progress using the IVR system's analytics dashboard, tracking call outcomes and any interactive inputs.

9 Follow-Up Calls: Implemented a follow-up sequence through the IVR system to reconnect with recipients who expressed interest.

10 Result Analysis: Analyzed campaign outcomes, comparing response rates and engagement metrics to assess the campaign's effectiveness.

11 Cost and Efficiency Evaluation: Calculated the campaign's cost-effectiveness by juxtaposing expenses with the previous telecaller-based method.

12 Continued Strategy Planning: Discussed potential opportunities to extend the IVR-based approach to other promotions or services, aligning with the client's goals.



total cost


lead price


pressed 1/2


phone numbers’ base

The client invested 2,158 rupees for the bulk voice campaign, which targeted 15,000 clients, resulting in 129 leads generated. With an average service cost of 200 rupees, this effort held the potential to yield an income of 64,740 rupees for the client.

The Number of Leads was Increased

By implementing a bulk voice call campaign with IVR, the client was able to efficiently engage potential clients, resulting in increased interest compared to the previous telecaller approach.

Our client’s feedback

“Switching to Effebot's bulk voice campaign with IVR was like waving a magic wand for our auto service! We used to rely on old-fashioned tele callers, but now we're zipping through client connections faster than ever. Our investment was tiny, but the potential income is sky-high. This tech upgrade has totally transformed the way we do business!“

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