Top 20 bulk sms service providers in India in 2022

Mobile phones have become available, thus they are the most popular gadgets today: according to statistics around 5 billion people use mobile phones almost every day — that’s 66% of the world population.

That’s why an SMS can be an effective tool to advertise a company. It doesn’t require the Internet and can attract the attention of a client immediately. Information can be delivered to clients fast by an SMS – and even faster if you use a bulk message service.

Let’s figure out what is it and take a look at 20 most popular bulk SMS services in India.

Quick Review of Bulk SMS Providers in India

There’s quite a lot of SMS companies which provide a bulk messaging service.

Bulk SMS service provider in India Features Bulk sms pricing (per one SMS)
Uptotel CTR based SMS roots and own click tracker to analyze how a campaign performed 0.21 INR
fast2sms Schedule for future SMS and import bulk data from Excel file Unknown
MSG91 Free API integration with any website, CRM or application, which supports 10+ programming languages From 0.25 INR
Spring Edge Messaging using multiple channels and a single metrics dashboard From 0.20 INR
TextLocal Automated contact management via SMS FTP, attachments in messages, SMS via email From 0.20 INR
SMSHorizon Bulk SMS gateway for India to ensure 100% instant delivery 0.15 INR
GupShup Support for Unicode for special characters and regional languages, flexible scale 0.14 INR
BhashSMS Unlimited sender Ids, ticket system for customer complaints 0.09 INR
Kaleyra Omnichannel platform, 99.99% availability and free analytics Unknown
Digimiles Automated filter for DND numbers, increased symbols limit 0.17 INR + GST
Up2SMS Smart retry mechanism, multiple operators, developer API Unknown
2Factor Two way SMS, pay per delivery, re-routing for failed messages From 0.165 INR
Bulksms SMS integration gateway, connection to over 800 networks, the incoming messages solution From 1,57 INR
infobip Omnichannel solutions, a flexible optimization for a delivery route Unknown
bulk sms gateway Simple SMS control panel, customized plans, SMS for individuals and groups From 0.18 INR
exotel Voice and SMS verification solution, drag-drop builder for messages, delivery to over 190 countries Unknown
MySMSmantra A constant monitoring, a plugin to send SMS from excel sheets, high priority SMS routes From 0.18 INR
Knowlarity Unlimited text, message customization, real-time delivery report, auto-schedule to working hours delivery Unknown
Sarv Redirect URL in a message, sender ID, the List segmentation Unknown
Value First Rich media in a message, smart APIs solutions, OTP SMS Unknown

TOP 20 Bulk SMS Service Providers

We will take a closer look at popular services — and then you will decide which is the best bulk SMS provider in India.


It is an international bulk SMS service provider. The service provides different routes to send a message in the most convenient way.

Uptotel gives the opportunity to inform clients by fast SMS in each Indian city or town — including Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra, Bangalore, Visag, Bihar and other popular directions. The price is one within the country’s borders and doesn't depend on the area.

Service offers promotional and transactional SMS, target settings, API integrations, link tracker and many more — in a diversity of functions it’s one of the best SMS providers in India. New users can complete a demo to test them all for free.

Uptotell also allows you to send letters in popular messengers and make voice calls.


Fast2SMS has provided bulk SMS services since 2011 and now their software is used by almost 3 billion users.

The service provides a sending of the huge number of messages at the same time — from a million SMS or more. It allows you to send SMS with text, pictures, music, etc. Users can check the statistics for each mailing after it’s finished.

This SMS service provider also provides a free demo to let the new user experience all opportunities for their tasks.


Another bulk SMS marketing service with the worldwide coverage and about 15,000 active users. MSG91 provide flexible settings for promotional and transactional SMS. It also offers an opportunity to send emails, messages on WhatsApp, Viber.

The company’s prices are quite high, yet only for small volumes. If you launch high number mailings, the price significantly reduces. So this service is designed preferably for large businesses. MSG91 offers a demo period for new users — it is a great opportunity to check all prices.

Spring Edge

Spring Edge is a bit different service than others above. It assumes programming through API code, so a user needs appropriate skills or specialists to apply this platform for business.

It is a multichannel platform, Spring Edge offers both messaging and voice communication tools. SMS services have the 2-way interaction ability as well. The service provides ready-made plugins which allow developers to make unique solutions faster. Other services are almost the same as other bulk SMS service providers have — 24/7 support, user-friendly web-interface, API integrations and metrics tracking.

Spring Edge has a trial version during which users can decide if this solution is suitable and affordable for their tasks.


Today this service is a part of the multichannel platform Webex. TextLocal is responsible for text messaging solutions — SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, RCS. TextLocal is one of the few services which allow sending SMS via email system.

TextLocal has a simple interface for self service, flexible API integrations and reasonable prices. The platform provides full support for its users. If a potential user wants to calculate a tariff, he can book a suitable time for expert consultation on connected service — Helping Hand.


SMS is India's Reliable SMS Gateway, which provides SMS solutions for every client’s need. With this service, users can both send and receive SMS from customers.

SMSHorizon calls itself the best bulk SMS service provider in India: they guarantee 100% Instant delivery with a high speed — a couple of seconds to send bulk messages. This SMS provider is suitable for simple tasks, it has the necessary functionality and cheap prices — SMSHorizon is one of the cheapest solutions in India.

The platform provides a free demo for everyone.


GupShup is a Conversational Messaging Platform. It provides messaging services via SMS, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, voice calls, chatbots and other channels — in total 30+ channels are available now.

The main advantages of this service are simple interface, wide ready-to-use API integrations and templates, a 2-way SMS option, supporting regional languages and flexible scale.

GupShup provides full support 24/7 for everyone. A user needs to contact the sales team to learn more about tariffs and the service’s conditions.


They call themselves the best SMS service provider in India— mostly for affordable prices. That’s true — they have one of the cheapest bulk SMS price in India.

Starting work with the service is easy, registration requires less than 5 seconds. After making an account a user can start to send messages right away. The platform guarantees a high delivery rate and 24/7 support from its experts.

BhashSMS actively attracts resellers, so its users can prove themselves as successful businessmen with ready-to-use solutions and full support of the platform.


Kaleyra is the API-based platform for omnichannel business communications. The platform provides SMS services, chatbots, programmable voice solutions, etc.

For their users Kaleyra provides fast response APIs and detailed analytics for mailings. Its SMS solution has an affordable price, flexible personalization options, multi-lingual support and other useful features. One of the unique advantages of this service — verified SMS. With this option, users can send their messages with high key performance metrics and get extraordinary results.

All interested clients can get an individual tariff calculation according to their tasks and messaging volumes.


Digimiles is a bulk SMS service provider in India. It is a web-service, so users don’t need to install any software to start working.

The company stands for simplicity and puts high delivery rates above excessive functionality or complicated processes. So Digimiles made such an interface that allows you to self-use all services.

Digimiles offer different price plans, including SMS-credit-system plans. Before starting, all users can get a free trial and set up a free API integration with the most convenient platform.


It is a provider for bulk promotional, transactional and OTP SMS. In addition, the platform provides messaging services via email and voice calls.

Up2SMS ensures high delivery rates through multiple network routes and operators. This service provides a developer API to automate messaging and detailed delivery reports in real time.

The interface of this platform is simple, but enough to send different types of messages — notifications, marketing offers, reminders, confirmations, etc.

Users need to contact the sales team to learn all prices.


2Factor is an SMS gateway provider for promotional, transactional, verification, voice and 2-way messaging. Although the company provides communication through SMS in India they’re ready to help businesses without TRAI DLT Registration.

The service provides fast delivery, backup routes, flexible payment plans, real time reports and API integration with most of the known platforms. All users get full support 24/7 as well.

Interested clients can find all prices on the provider website to calculate the profit or sign up for a free trial.


Bulksms provides web-service, desktop software and a mobile app to send SMS to a large number of people. Users may use just one account to access all solutions.

This bulk SMS service provider allows users to send messages to over 800 networks all over the world. Unlike many other providers Bulksms directly offer necessary information about regional regulations — it helps to make global messaging easier.

Bulksms users are able to send SMS via email, to choose a preferred delivery route and set up API integrations with favorite platforms. It’s not the cheapest provider yet it has enough features to minimize the effect of this disadvantage.


Infobip is a multichannel service provider: users can send messages via SMS, email, chatbots, WhatsApp, etc. It provides both a ready-to-use business solution and an API solution for developers.

Infobip can make full stack projects for business which includes chatbots, a contact center and marketing automation through SMS, email and voice calls.

This service provides real-time analytics with delivery reports, flexible routing, authentication tools. All users can try features for free during a trial. You need to contact a team to calculate a payment plan for your tasks.

Bulk sms gateway

It is one of the biggest bulk SMS providers which provides Indian SMS API to various regions such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Dehli, etc.

Users can use different SMS solutions for their task, including promotional, transactional messaging, dynamic SMS, messaging to WhatsApp. Bulk SMS Gateway provides full support in setting, API installment and reply to customer’s queries.

Bulk SMS Gateway doesn’t require any special equipment or programming skills. It’s a web-service with a simple interface containing necessary features all in one place. Payment plans can be customized depending on tasks.


It is a full stack customer engagement platform. All services are placed in a cloud, so no extra equipment is required. Exotel provides communication over VoIP or mobile phones.

For SMS this provider has standard solutions such as promotional SMS, transactional SMS, OTP, SMS API, status updates, etc. Users can send their messages to customers from over 190 countries.

Exotel provides detailed reports, sender-ID and a 15-days trial with 15$ bonus for all new users.


MySMSmantra provides bulk SMS for India. Also, users can apply a multichannel solution to send messages via SMS and WhatsApp.

The provider offers high-priority routes to all its customers and 99% uptime delivery. You can integrate the solution in your favorite CRM platform through API or an Excel plugin to fully automate customer communications.

Here you can find ready-to-use SMS templates, a detailed dashboard, sender-ID and more interesting features such as increased message length.

Users can choose one of the standard payment plans or pay for each SMS. Before starting you can test the service for free.


Another bulk SMS gateway which is well-known for its smart analytic dashboard. Knowlarity provides all kinds of messaging solutions — voice, video, email, bots and SMS.

For SMS the provider promises a high speed, a high delivery rate, a message customization, unlimited length and a connection with any client — today an SMS delivery is available for over 65 countries. There is also a simple API integration to automate the major part of Interactions with the platform.

In Knowlarity you can pass a free trial by yourself or request for a demo with an expert.

A multi-communication channel platform which was founded in 2011. Today it provides such products as cloud telephony, numbers for business and tolls for marketing automation, including SMS messaging.

Sarv bulk SMS solution provides standard services — OTP, promotional, transactional SMS, detailed reports, sender-ID, API integrations, etc. In addition, Sarv users can segment their contact bases, add dynamic fields in their messages or apply a cascade mailing — for example, if a call was missed an SMS to that customer will be sent automatically.

All new users can sign up for a free demo. But you need to contact a sales team to calculate a solution price for your task.

Value First

Last but not least, bulk SMS provider in our list. Value First is Twilio company product and it provides most of the same channels for the Indian market.

This provider offers all kinds of solutions such as marketing, support, verification for different text and voice channels. For SMS it is promotional, transactional, OTP & API messages. Value First provides a quality and fast service with a 99% delivery rate. Users can also apply a MediAPI to attach images or other documents to their messages.

Value First provides a free demo for all new customers to learn more about services and to calculate a price for a specific task.

Is There a Way to Replace SMS?

SMS is an effective tool to promote the business, yet it’s not the only one. If your SMS doesn’t work or you just want to diversify the process of communication with clients, you can use these channels:


One of the most popular ways to tell about a product is to send an email with a vibrant presentation. The main advantage of this channel is an opportunity to send files — photos and videos which allows you to examine goods properly.

Using email, you get a lot of options for creativity. You can offer your client some useful articles, curious collections and answers to their questions, which will help to handle the objections in advance and to motivate recipients to make a purchase.

However, there are also some downsides. The main one is the low “openability” of letters. People usually don’t enable alerts in their email and read messages. Today, more customers prefer mobile messengers and social networks more than email. It also happens that the letter goes to spam or simply does not reach an addressee — for example, because the email was blocked.


The messenger is a convenient method of communication, which combines the advantages of SMS and email. Messengers allows you to use pictures and do not have strict limits for a message length. At the same time this channel attracts consumers’ attention easier than the same email.

The major disadvantage of this tool is its low popularity and excessive amounts of available programs at the same time. Not all the clients use the same messenger (for example, WhatsApp). They may also not use the messenger at all.

In addition, adverts in messengers are often considered as spam or it can be missed because a client has too many chats. The campaign results are also harder to be tracked.

Bulk calls and voice mailings

Despite the popularity of messengers, calls are still an effective tool for promotions. A lot of clients are more loyal to personal dialogues than to impersonal letters.

Furthermore, calls attract attention far better than any other marketing tools. The conversion in an answer is an average 10 times more for calls than for emails. Mostly because calls are hard to miss.

Calls often cost cheaper than, for example, an SMS mailing. It allows one to save a company budget to spend it on more important tasks.

If bulk calls were automated by dedicated services (such as Effebot) this tool becomes very fast as well. You can inform thousands of potential clients in just a few hours by such automated bulk calls.

Of course, voice mailing has its problems: trust in calls is fairly low because of some companies' abuse. There are also some law restrictions. For example, you cannot just buy a phone base to launch a voice mailing, you need to collect it by your own hands. How to do it correctly, you can learn from our article (

Final words

In this article we have listed the TOP 20 bulk SMS service providers in India.

They all have their advantages, so before you choose you should specify your goal and then compare it with the service’s abilities. On the other hand, you can simply test several providers and choose the best for your tasks — thankfully, most of them provide the free demo.

You should remember that not the price is the only thing that matters, but also the functionality. More features give you more opportunities.

Integrations and the multichannel solution are great options — you are able to combine different platforms for better results. For example, you can reconcile SMS and bulk calls to reach more clients and to get more income.

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