How to Make a Base For Mailings Out Of a WhatsApp Group

All mailings — email, SMS, voice — require a base with contacts, which will get a message. One of the easiest ways to make such a base is to import them from your WhatsApp group. Contacts there already know the messenger and usually do not mind to get more information. In addition, making an Excel spreadsheet out of WhatsApp Group contacts will help you to keep in touch with important persons.

Yet to save all contacts manually will take a great time. Fortunately, there are ways, which allow copying all information at once. Here we will work out some of them.

When Saving Contacts From WhatsApp Group Might Be Important

Messengers such as WhatsApp work when you have access to the Internet. When you are offline, you cannot send a message to a group. Unless you save contacts elsewhere — for example in the Excel file.

Such a decision has its perks: for example, if your WhatsApp account was hacked, you can warn group members of it by an SMS or a call. That will help to avoid other problems from scammers. Having offline access to WhatsApp contacts can be useful when your phone is broken or stolen.

How to Use Google Chrome Extension to Copy WhatsApp Group Contacts

First of all, you need to use WhatsApp Web on your computer. Then you will be able to transfer any group contacts to a spreadsheet. Let’s see how to do so using a Google Chrome extension.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Open a Google Chrome Web Store.

Find and install the WA - Download Group Phone Numbers Chrome Extension.

Go to a WhatsApp Web on the Chrome browser via a link you get after installing the extension.

Open WhatsApp on the phone and scan QR on the browser to synchronize the data.

Find the group with contacts that are needed to be saved and press the button with three dots.

In the drop-down menu choose “Download info” to transfer contact details into an Excel spreadsheet.

If you cannot find the download option, refresh a page and retry according to this guide.

This extension will save all contacts in a well-structured Excel file. Inside of it, you will find a table with names, numbers that are corresponding with them and a special mark if a number already exists in a phone contact book.

How to Use Inspect Element to Copy WhatsApp Group Contacts

This is a more manual method to copy your contacts than a previous one. Yet it can be helpful in some cases, especially for those who are not friendly to complex programs. Besides, for this method you can use any available browser that allows inspecting page elements.

This feature is not so technical: to make a table with names and other data will take extra time and effort. However, it might be helpful when an extension crashed or was not being invented for your browser yet.

How to Inspect Data In Google Chrome

At first, you have to open WhatsApp Web шn your browser. There you need to select a group with contacts. Check the top of the page and you will notice that few phone numbers are already shown on the tab below the group name.

Click the right mouse button on the tab and select “Inspect”. This will highlight the numbers. If you click the button again, you will open the option menu where you can choose the option “Copy” and then “Copy element”.

After that, you can transfer copied numbers into the Excel file.

How to Inspect Data In Firefox

The process is pretty the same as for Google Chrome, yet with its own specifics. Here’re the main steps:

Get access to WhatsApp Web as you would do in Chrome.

Choose the group with contacts.

Click the right mouse button on the tab that is placed on the top of the group.

Press option “Inspect (Q)”.

Click the right mouse button the text that was highlighted in the console.

In the opened menu choose “Copy” and then “Inner HTML”.

Copy all the data and transfer in your Excel file.

How to Structure Contacts In the Excel Sheet

When you finish the transfer, you will see that all copied numbers will be collected in just one cell. You have to separate them to make the further work with the base easier.

Fortunately, it is not so hard to do. First, you need to select the row with numbers and press the option “Text to Columns” in the section “Data”.

Choose “Delimited” in the opened window and press the “Next” button.

Here you need to clean the “Tab” checkbox and put a checkmark to “Comma” option.

When you’ve done that, press the “Next” button and then the “Finish” button. Now each number will be placed in its own cell. Yet all contacts will be collected in one row — it is still not very convenient. To put them in the column instead of the row follow these steps:

Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the row.

Choose a new sheet or other cell where numbers will be placed.

Activate the option “Paste Special…” by pressing Ctrl + Alt + V on your keyboard.

In the opened window, choose the “Transpose” checkbox and press OK.

After confirmation, the row with numbers will be inverted to a single column with separated cells.

Remember, if you already have the contacts in your phone book, instead of numbers in WhatsApp you will be seeing names they were saved with. Fortunately, you still can get their numbers by transferring the data to the Excel file.

Why You Should Stay In Touch With Your WhatsApp Group

Of course, you cannot communicate with clients in person, yet losing the connection with them can affect badly to all your hard work. Unlikely you will ever forfeit all the contacts all at once, but you should consider this option and prepare yourself to solve the problem fast will give you an advantage.

Now you know how to keep the important data safe. Use this knowledge to save and multiply your achievements in the area of strategic marketing and customer experience.

If you still have questions about the topic, feel free to leave a request for consultation with our experts.

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