Five (5) simple steps to start your voice broadcasting

Effebot is a robot that can make calls and maintain a dialogue with a customer. It can deal with different tasks. For example, our robot is able to:

Make cold calling

Sale goods and services

Inform about promotional events

Answer popular questions

Report about a delivery

Accept and confirm applications

And much more. You are limited only by imagination.

How to run robocalls

Effebot can call 350 000 numbers for an hour. Thanks to its advanced speech technologies, most of the clients believe they speak with a human.

Our robot can be integrated into CRM systems. After that, it will be able to use data from the system in the dialogue with a customer, for example, call him by his name.

Effebot will cost you less than call-center: one call of the robot costs around 0,04$ and one call of living operator costs about 1$. At the same time, the robot is much faster: it can make 6 000 calls in a minute. Your client will not wait long for an answer on the phone line anymore.

There is no need to install expensive equipment or complex programs. You can easily start voice broadcasting from our website in three minutes. The instruction how to do it is below.

How to run robocalls

Step 1Make an account on and log on.

Step 2Load the database with numbers on which you want the robot to call.

Step 3Record your audio message. It can be generated out of a text by the robot - Effebot is able to do it using a male or a female voice.


If you want the robot to make a dialogue with your client you need to add a voice menu (interactive voice response) – a script that helps Effebot do the talking. The robot can choose the right phrases to continue the conversation, transfer the call to a manager or send a customer an SMS message.

Step 4Choose the outgoing speed


You can also apply other additional options such as to set a time or a date for starting a voice broadcasting or make the robot call again clients who did not pick up their phones for the first time.

Step 5Press the button “Start broadcasting” – Effebot will immediately begin to call all contacts of your database.

This instruction will help you to start simple broadcasting. If you need a more complex script or do not understand how to integrate Effebot with your CRM – ask your personal manager for free help. Manager's phone number can be found in your personal account.

You can try Effebot service at our expense – after registration on, all users get the trial balance. It will be enough to start the first 10 voice broadcastings.