Examples of WhatsApp Business Marketing Welcome Messages

In the era of instant communication, WhatsApp Business has become a powerful tool for interacting with customers. A welcome message in WhatsApp Business is an important element of interaction that sets the tone for your relationship with customers.

What is a WhatsApp Business Welcome Message?

A WhatsApp Business welcome message is the first impression your company makes on a potential customer. This is an automatic message that greets users when they first start communicating with your company. This initial interaction can significantly affect the customer's perception of your brand and the likelihood of their further interaction.

15 examples of WhatsApp Business Welcome Messages

Warm welcome:
"Welcome to [your company name]! We are here to help you with any questions you have."

Product Showcase:
"Greetings! Check out our latest collection [Product Category]."

Exclusive offers:
"Hello! Get ready to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts on your favorite products."

Help with the order:
"Hello! Need help with the order? We are one message away."

Notification of a new feature:
"Welcome! New cool features have just been added to enhance your experience."

Planning a meeting:
"Hello! Are you ready to make an appointment for the next meeting? We are here to help."

Invitations to events:
"Greetings! Join us at our upcoming event [date] at [location]."

Support service:
"Hello, [Customer Name]! How can we help you today?"

Quick tips:
"Hello! Do you know? [Interesting fact]. Feel free to ask for more tips!"

Order Tracking:
"Welcome! Track your order in real time by simply sending the order number."

Feedback request:
"Hello! We would like to hear about your recent experience. Share your opinion!"

Subscription renewal:
"Hello! Your subscription will expire soon. Extend now for smooth operation."

Participation in the survey:
"Welcome! Take part in our quick survey and get a chance to win interesting prizes."

Troubleshooting help:
"Hello! Are there any problems? Let us know and we will decide everything for you."

Educational content:
"Welcome to [Your Company Name]! Check out our educational content on [the Topic]."

Business messages in WhatsApp: recommendations:

Be concise and friendly;

Use the recipient's name for a personal contact;

Provide value, whether it's information, suggestions, or help;

Include a call to action for further interaction;

Welcome calls as an alternative.

While automatic welcome messages are effective, consider welcome calls as a personalized approach. Communicating directly with customers can establish a stronger bond and offer immediate help.

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