What are Robocalls used for?

It is important for every business to build communication with its clients. There is a need to get to know each other better, to promote a product or a brand, to set up feedback, and more.

And much more. You are limited only by imagination.

Why do companies use bulk robocalls?

A call is a significant tool that helps to establish a contact. Voice can affect customers’ confidence much better than email letters or SMS messages. It becomes more complicated when the number of customers increases.
The cost of calls rises and the process demands plenty of time. Effebot can help you to solve this problem: every task will be fulfilled in a few hours due to an automated calling system.

Can the robot replace a human?

Yes, it can. Our smart robot is able to communicate with your clients for you. It can use recorded or quality-generated audio clips. Effebot will easily support any dialogue with its advanced interactive voice response system.

What are the advantages of robocalls?

Calls’ high outgoing speed – the robot can make more than 1 000 calls in a minute.

Flexible voice menu that can be customized.

The robot can automatically transfer a call to a manager or send an SMS message – it will help your customer to not forget you after the call ended.

It is possible to use plenty of keywords to switch script stages – the robot will react as a real human.

You can make a plan for your voice broadcasting – choose the best time and date for an automated call.

Robot can automatically call again if the client did not pick up a phone the first time.

Detailed statistics are available in real-time – analyze your customers’ behavior to make better results.

The robot does not feel stress or anxiety and can easily make cold calls to find new clients.

Why run the automated bulk voice campaign?

There is no need to pay for any equipment or program installation.

The robot is located in the “cloud” – it will not overload your phone lines and keep them free for incoming calls.

You will pay only for a second of conversation – no need to spend your money for calls’ attempts.

Our service interface is intuitive – simple voice broadcasting can be started with few clicks.

Our service can be used on different platforms – mobile phones, computers, and CRM systems.

It is possible to make international calls.

Service is available 24/7.

Our managers and support team are always ready to help.

It is easy to check

You can assess the potential of Effebot by making an account on effebot.com. All new users get a trial balance to start first voice broadcasting. Easily check how you can apply the robot for your needs and calculate an average price for one call.

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