Bulk voice call service in India as a smart investment in your promotional campaigns

Bulk voice call service in India as a smart investment in your promotional campaigns

In the digital age, such instruments as outdoor advertising, printing products and ads on the TV or the radio are not as effective as they were and don’t worth any input. The main reason for such changes — potential clients shifted their attention to mobile gadgets which became more convenient and now can be taken with anywhere. That is why bulk voice calls turned one of the most realistic ways to attract their interest these days.

It is easy to prove: imagine that you are a high energy, busy person who moves through a city by car or by public transport — how many promotional billboards will you notice and remember? Not much. In the world of bright images, a personal call is much more memorable. Put all partnership benefits for a consumer in a short and concise voice message and you will attract a client for sure.

Effebot voice call service is able to cover more than 2000 contacts per hour. Yet costs of such effective audio promotion are quite modest.

Sign up on our website and experience it by yourself. We give a trial balance to each new client, so you can test all advantages of the smart bulk calls system for free.

Registration will take only a few minutes

After that you will get full access to the account and will be able to use all options of bulk voice call service provider for the first mailing — just load a phone number base, add audio clip and press “Start” button.

More advantages of the best voice call service provider in India

Simple configuration is not the only benefit you can find in Effebot. We can also offer you:

Online access to all settings - without installing any desktop software;

Intuitive interface which doesn’t require any programming skills;

High speed of calling — the robot can make thousand calls per hour;

Detailed statistics in a personal account;

Help with audio recording and creating a dialogue script;

Adaptation of solution for individual requests;

Open API integrations with CRM systems;

Full support 24/7.

And more — apply Effebot voice solution to learn them all.

Bulk voice calls are a universal marketing tool. It allows you to carry out such tasks as conducting surveys, informing customers about promotions, reminding borrowers about regular payments and debts, attracting new consumers, collecting feedback, etc. It depends only on your needs and imagination.

So which task Effebot can help YOU with?

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