Effective Solution for Automated Customer Communications

SMS, Voice and Messaging APIs to deliver the best experience to your clients at all stages. Engage, activate and retain every customer smart.


All features available in a personal account right after registration. Users can launch mailing — no programming skill are required.

The process is simple:

1) top up the balance;

2) start your mailings;

3) get leads and profit.


High CR SMS routes all over the world. Provide your customers with necessary or high-priority info with Effebot SMS platform.

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Send notifications, service messages and set up marketing campaigns.

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Power your customers enagement. Effebot provides coverage, speed, and efficiency to your mass communication.

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Connect with your audience and grow your business with email marketing.

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What is Effebot?

Every business needs to communicate with its potential and current clients: send transactional messages, provide the latest information and urgent updates.

That is why we created Effebot. Our service will give effective instruments to make your work easier and time-saving. Our team unites 100+ creative people which will help to find the most productive and simple solution for your business. We will be happy to share success with you.

Improve CX at all stages with Effebot



effebot Verificate your customers

effebot Remind about the options, i.e. trial

effebot Send welcome calls and messages, introduce your product and educate



effebot Automate all transactional contacts (i.e. delivery status) and make them really fast and involving

effebot Congratulate on the holidays

Repeat customers


effebot Remind about the remaining balance

effebot Inform about new options and products

effebot Collect the feedback, analyze it and enhance your service

Run a mailing in 3 minutes


Find new customers

A robot presents your offer and transmits interested clients to your managers.


Choose contacts

Make a list with phone numbers you want a robot to ring up or send messages to – manually or from a database.


Start your mailing

Check your settings, press the “Start” button, and watch for the results in the online statistics.

Communications APIs

Integrate your CRM or website with Effebot and automatize communication with your clients.

Worldwide coverage

Reach and engage customers across messaging, voice, video, and more around the world.

TurnKey service

You get service with full functionality and ready to use. You can sell ready solutions we offer on our website or buy personal software. Our specialists will customize it for your needs and help at every stage of work.

Easy Access

Start working immediately without programming skills - the platform is friendly and easy to use.

Voice Calls Service

Power your customers enagement. Effebot provides coverage, speed, and efficiency to your mass communication. You need to concentrate only on the one quality message which will be heard by thousands of your clients. Deliver important information to a large audience faster with Effebot.

Give a personal touch

To hear an actual voice may be much more comforting than reading the text. You can load the clip you already created, record it online or use the robot to generate the text you need to say out loud. Do it the way you and your customers like.

High speed and delivery

Effebot can ring up to 300 000 contacts per hour. Choose the desired speed and complete any task in a short period.

Personalization and variables

Make your communications personal
Refer to your customers by name
Use any available data you have about them to get their attention and be useful to them

Create any script and scenario

Give your customer an interactive experience using a call with voice response recognition or by a keystroke.


High CR SMS routes all over the world. Provide your customers with necessary or high-priority info with Effebot SMS platform. Inform about delivery details or updates, or order confirmations. Notify about appointments.

CTR based SMS routes

We testing all the SMS routes using our unique links everyday to discover the actual performing of the route

Own clicktracker

If u want u can use our clicktracker to see how the campaign performs and split test it.
- track phone numbers who clicked on offer
- analyze campaign from the SMS platform
- no domain redirecting routine anymore

Targeted SMS

Attract new customers: send SMS by geolocation, gender, age and other parameters

SIP Trunking

Providing your business with a reliable connection is easy now. IP telephony technology was developed for this.
This way of organizing communication is not only cheaper than others, it also transforms the usual calls into an incredibly effective tool.

Connect and start work faster

Connect your PBX infrastructure to the cloud and work faster, save money and avoid traditional capacity constraints. Begin your broadcasting using VoIP technology in 3 minutes

Get the world coverage

You can receive and make calls anywhere in the world


You do not need to make a request - detailed statistics and tech support is already available.

Solutions by Department

The call is a valuable promotional tool but it can also help with other tasks.


Reach your customers all over the world in few minutes.


Present your offer and transmit interested clients to your managers.

Customer Support

Serve your customers with SMS, messaging, voice robocalls, inbound IVR and more.


Reduce the cost of attracting potential employees.


Inform your buyers about orders status, news, sales, and other events.


Send a verification code and keep the data secure.

Audio samples


Inform your clients about a special offer and gain higher interest.


Phone up your client with timely reminders and increase his loyalty.


Reach every client interested in your brand and services.



Remind about appointment

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


are spent per month

10 850

clients get a reminder
for a month


cost of one call

Loan organization

Increase amount of applications

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


applications were


cost of one confirmed

Political organisation

Learn what do your voters think

Our clients' results

16 619

phone numbers base


were spent

11 663

respondents took the


respondents said “yes”
and came to vote

Training center

Sell training courses

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


clients got a bulk
voice message


our client’s profit

Digital marketing agency

Find clients on the new market

Our clients' results


phone numbers base


were spent


clients were interested
in the offer


cost of one lead


Invite to a sermon

Our clients' results

10 560

phone numbers base


were spent


contacts picked up
their phones


contacts got SMS
with a link

Voice Calls and IVR Service FAQ

Can your robot convert text to speech (audio)?

Effebot can voice your text with a female or male voice. Just write your message and choose the perfect voice for your broadcasting on the “Creating mailing” page. If you press the button “Listen in advance” you can hear the result before the broadcasting start.

What amount of my clients will realize they are speaking with a robot?

If you follow our simple instructions, it should be less than 5%. Briefly, you will need an audio record from a human announcer, lively speech with coughs and filler words, and correct script and keywords – you can ask your manager to assist you with that.

What time is needed to start bulk calls?

Simple informing notes with news and promotions like: “50% for teapots, today only! Waiting for you in HomeMagic!” can be started in 3 minutes. Complex scripts like surveys, collecting feedback, or other specific tasks will take extra minutes. Our managers are ready to assist you to start your broadcasting faster.
Before your broadcasting begins we need to check if the information in your offer is legal. Usually, it takes from 5 to 30 minutes depending on what amount of audio clips you have in your script.
You also have an option to make a schedule of your broadcasting and it will start at what moment you chose.

What number of contacts can Effebot call in an hour?

The maximum possible speed is around 300 000 calls per hour – it can become available by your specific request. The standard speed which you can choose in your account is from 80 to 5 800 calls per hour.

Can your robot deliver SMS to a client?

The robot can forward an SMS automatically due to the IVR menu: for example, if a client press “1” because he is interested in your offer, Effebot will transmit him an SMS with a link, a promo code, or other information right after the call is over.

SMS Messaging Platform FAQ

Can I test your SMS for free?

Yes, we provide you first 100 SMS to test our SMS Service.

Do you provide text randomizer?

Yes, we provide Spintax technology based text randomization

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal. Also, we can accept a payment by a bank transfer and bank wire.


Can I change ANI numbers?

Yes. When the system sends a call to a trunk, it needs to determine what caller-ID to use for that call. The outbound caller-ID is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification).

Do you provide call back option?

Yes, we provide call-back, up to 8%. Please, clarify the routes to get an actual information on call-back and other features.


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